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4 Reality-based Exercises for ESL Listening Comprehension Success

esl listening comprehension exercises

Real-world experiences have got to be part of every ESL classroom.

They’re absolutely necessary—the world beyond the classroom is full of language.

Everywhere you go you’re bombarded with sounds and voices.

People speak quickly, using slang and dialects in …

Learning Together: 5 Engaging Group Activities for Your ESL Classroom


Who doesn’t love games?

Working together can be a great way for shy students to get more involved with classmates in an easygoing atmosphere.

During group activities, ESL students can engage in authentic vocabulary practice while having a great time.…

What to Read with Your ESL Class: 10 Best Books for Beginners


Books are awesome!

C’mon, you don’t have to be a bookworm to love books.

Everyone you know can name his or her favorite childhood book.

That’s because books change lives.

In the case of your ESL students, books are gateways …