online chinese courses for college credit

Looking for Credit? Check out These 5 Online Chinese Courses for College Credit

Independent learners who learn Chinese online never seem to get the credit they deserve.

They do all the work of classroom learners, but because they do it on their own, their accomplishments are rarely fully recognized.

It’s time to get credit where credit is due.

Online Chinese courses can teach you all the Chinese grammar and awesome vocabulary you need to one day speak Chinese fluently. So how can you get the college credits you deserve?

The trick is to take online Chinese courses that offer college credit.

Chinese courses offered online through accredited colleges often offer real college credits. All you have to do to collect on these credits is talk to a transfer specialist at your school to find out what courses your university will give you credit for, then complete the appropriate course.

So check out these five online Chinese courses for college credit and finally start earning credit for your accomplishments!


Why Take Online Chinese Courses for College Credit?

Online courses are often easier to fit into schedules than in-person classes.

In-person classes can be tricky. You have to allot travel time, and sometimes there are so few course offerings that an appropriate Chinese course winds up opposite something you absolutely have to take for your major.

Online courses offer more flexibility. Some don’t require a set schedule of attendance. However, even those that do have set meeting times are less time consuming, because you can access them from any computer rather than having to trek across campus to meet in person. This means that you’re more likely to be able to cram an online course into your full schedule.

Taking online courses can help also help you progress toward your degree. If your college will give you credit for the online courses you take, they can actually help you progress toward completing your degree. Online Chinese courses could count towards any foreign language requirement you must meet.

Additionally, merely having the extra credits can be advantageous. At some schools, students with more credits get to register earlier than other students. That means that having a few extra credits could be just the push you need to get into the courses you want before they fill up!

Finally, not every university offers Chinese. If you want to study this intriguing and widely spoken language for college credit, you may have no choice but to do so online, then transfer the credits to your college as your foreign language credits.

Get Credit Where Credit Is Due! 5 Online Chinese Courses for College Credit

Oregon State University

online chinese courses for college credit

Oregon State University, a public research university, offers a well-ranked online program, which includes Chinese course offerings.

Oregon State University offers a three-course first-year Chinese sequence. These courses are designed to be taken in order to introduce you to basic Chinese. Courses are four credits each, and students may begin the sequence each fall. By the end of these three courses, students should know and be able to use over 120 Chinese words, read and write in Chinese and use the tones and accents appropriately.

Perhaps best of all, Oregon State University credits are more affordable than many universities (possibly even more affordable than your school)! Online courses are offered at the in-state tuition rate, which is around $300 per credit.

The one caveat is that Oregon State University uses a quarter system rather than a semester system, so this could complicate the process of transferring credits to some schools. As always, check with a transfer specialist at your school before you register to ensure you’ll get credit.

Northern State University

online chinese courses for college credit

Northern State University is a South Dakota-based, public university. It offers an array of Chinese courses both online and in person.

One thing that sets this program apart is that Northern State University offers a greater array of course levels than most universities that offer online Chinese courses. While there are introductory courses for complete beginners, Northern State University also has intermediate courses, conversational courses and even special courses covering topics like literature and Chinese for business, which are more appropriate for experienced learners. Courses are three or four credits each.

Classes are offered through NSU’s Confucius Institute and focus on teaching Chinese in a friendly, interactive setting with a native instructor. While the main focus is on language, there’s also a significant focus on Chinese culture, including topics like tai chi, calligraphy and food.

University of Pennsylvania

online chinese courses for college credit

There’s a strong chance the name “University of Pennsylvania” rings a bell. It should. This private, Ivy League university is well regarded in higher education.

And if you want to learn Chinese online through a top university, the University of Pennsylvania’s courses are a good bet.

The University of Pennsylvania regularly offers online Chinese courses, including the recent addition of Beginning Business Chinese. The focuses and availability of the University of Pennsylvania’s online Chinese courses are inconsistent, so if you’re hoping to study Chinese online through this school, you may want to keep a close eye on the website or contact the school for more information.

Brigham Young University

online chinese courses for college credit

Brigham Young University is a private university based in Utah that is the world’s preeminent Mormon university. Because Mormon missionaries travel all over the world, you can bet that they need thorough language instruction. Lucky for you, Brigham Young also offers several Chinese courses online.

Advanced students in particular have some cool options at Brigham Young. Online courses are available on Chinese literature and poetry. These courses typically require several years of Chinese study under your belt and often previous literature study.

California Virtual Campus

online chinese courses for college credit

California has so much more than bright sunshine and beautiful beaches. It also has a huge array of online Chinese courses!

California Virtual Campus is the combined efforts of several community colleges that offer online courses. And luckily enough, there are many courses that focus on Chinese. These courses range from beginning to intermediate level. If you’re also interested in Chinese literature, culture or business, there are plenty of additional courses to help you learn about these topics (though without a focus on language).

If you’re looking to improve your Chinese skills before taking a course, you can give your skills a boost with FluentU. The program uses authentic videos like movie clips and music videos to teach you Mandarin Chinese the natural way.

Each video comes with annotated subtitles, interactive flashcards, exercises and personalized quizzes that evolve as you learn. After learning with FluentU’s videos, you’ll be ready to take that placement test.

The courses do require some live work, so you’ll need a microphone and speakers to participate. This will help you practice your skills in real time.


If you want to finally get credit where credit is due, check out these five online courses and sit down for a good chat with your favorite transfer specialist at your school!

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