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How to Speak Chinese Well: 5 Simple Tips for Extraordinary Fluency


Are you so close to fluency that you can almost taste it?

So close, and yet so far.

There’s a reason why Chinese language learners have a reputation for being ambitious.

You’re not alone in your quest for fluency!

Here’s …

9 Bold Strategies to Improve Your Conversational Chinese


Conversing with native Chinese speakers is a true test of courage and mettle.

It’s a total Catch-22: the only way to improve your spoken Chinese is to speak more Chinese.

Can’t stand the idea of embarrassing yourself with less-than-perfect Chinese?…

Learning with Native Mandarin Chinese Audio: A No-Nonsense Guide


What is your greatest personal strength as a Chinese language learner?

Are you a naturally gifted speaker?

Or perhaps memorizing the characters comes easy?

When it comes to Chinese, many, many language learners find listening to be their greatest challenge.

A Complete Guide to Learning Chinese with the News


Have you ever, out of curiosity, clicked around on a Chinese news website?

To sum up the experience: it can be kind of terrifying.

Don’t get overwhelmed!

All you need is to have the right strategy behind you, and in …

An Easier Way to Learn Chinese: Comprehensible Input


Sometimes conventional wisdom is wrong.

We’ve all heard it before.

To learn Chinese, jump into the immersion pool. At the deep end.

Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s not that easy.

Though immersion is essential to learning Chinese, …

How to Learn Chinese Faster: Capacity Management

how to learn chinese faster

Do you want to know how to learn Chinese faster?

Without spending any more time than you already do?

I have two words for you: “capacity management.”

Capacity in this sense refers to the energy we have available to study …

Chinese Listening Practice: Why and How to Get Started


Has this ever happened to you?

You proudly say something in Chinese to your friend.

They reply, but you don’t understand their answer.

Awkward situation ensues.

Well, don’t feel bad. Being much better at speaking than listening is a …