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5 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Get In Your Chinese Reading Practice Online!

chinese reading practice

Books and reading go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Well, usually—but you’re not going to find any books here.

Today we’re sharing some fresh new ways you can practice reading in Chinese.

From websites to online media, the …

Top Reading Resources: 6 Best Books to Learn Chinese All on Your Own

best books to learn chinese

We all know that learning Chinese online is getting more and more popular.

But sometimes you really just need to hit the books.

And at those times, we want you to have the best resources on hand.

Whether its …

5 Problems You’ll Need to Overcome to Learn Chinese on Your Own Like a Master

learn chinese on your own

Solo learning is a great way to boost your Chinese ability.

Classrooms are practically things of the past for learners of Chinese. For many, online learning resources and new study techniques have replaced expensive classes, schools and private …

China Got You Baffled? 20 Important Phrases to Help You Straighten Things Out

Important Chinese phrases

Have you gotten yourself into some sort of Chinese pickle?

Stuck in a taxi and don’t know how to tell your driver where to go?

Sick of your Chinese friends continuously offering you cigarettes, even though you don’t smoke?

Sounds …

How to Read Chinese: The Newbie’s No-stress Guide


“How can anyone read this? It’s impossible!”

Sound familiar?

Of all the reasons why people think learning Mandarin Chinese is difficult, nothing comes up more commonly than those supposedly crazy characters.

To an untrained eye, they do indeed appear …

Chinese Audiobooks: Everything You Need to Know

chinese audiobooks

You’ve probably read lots of blogs with tips, tricks, hints and “hacks” that will magically make Chinese learning easy.

You know, snap your fingers, click your heels together, say “I want to know fluent Chinese!” three times—and voila!

But …

4 Reasons Why Learning Chinese Is the Smartest Move You’ll Ever Make

why learn chinese

Acquiring Chinese in this day and age promises dramatic results.

The real question is, why shouldn’t you learn Chinese?

Yeah, yeah, people are always hating on it for how hard it supposedly is.

But the truth is, of all …