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Take Your Basic Chinese Conversation to the Next Level with 4 Timeless Topics

basic chinese conversation

Stuck in a conversational rut with your Chinese?

Find yourself using the same introductory phrases over and over?

Chinese conversation scripts—the kind you’d find …

No-stress Test Time! Chinese Quizzes from 5 Fantastic Platforms

chinese quizzes

Repeat after me: quizzes are not the enemy!

Our grade school days may have taught us to dread quizzes, which seemed designed only

Chinese Ma: A Petite Word with the Power to Pump Up Your Proficiency

chinese ma

Māmā qímǎ. Mǎ màn. Māmā mà mǎ. 


Despite looking near-incomprehensible at first glance, these are indeed grammatically correct, while tongue-twisting, Mandarin sentences.

Chinese …