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Chinese-language TV Shows for Learners: 5 Taiwanese Dramas


Entertainment is part of life.

Whether it’s your jaw-dropping reaction to a “Game of Thrones” episode or excitement about Beyoncé’s most recent performance, popular culture seeps into day-to-day dialogue in a natural way.

We talk about the things we choose …

Get Your Culture On! 5 Chinese Movies and Dramas on Netflix Based on Popular Novels


Not sure of your next move?

Trying to find a way out of your current media rut?

The great and terrible thing about media consumption is that we often get sucked into a labyrinth of new works to watch and …

3 Ways to Maximize Your Chinese Learning Experience with Subtitles


You may think of subtitles as those pesky words at the bottom of the screen that always ruin punchlines.

Or maybe you see them as a way to watch TV at a low volume when your roommate is sleeping.

But …

Learn Chinese with Music: 5 Stellar Chinese Covers to Popular English Songs


“I’ll hear the same song three times during a 30-minute drive!” my friends complain.

This is the reason they say they no longer listen to the radio.

And who can blame them?

But what if there was a way to …