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5 Incredible Chinese Books for Beginners

read-mandarin-chinese 5 essential chinese learning books beginners

The story is all too common. You’re psyched about deciphering written Chinese but don’t know where to start.

Does reading Mandarin Chinese seem like an impossible feat?

Don’t beat yourself up—the Chinese language is a challenge even for Chinese …

Play It Cool with Chengyu: 10 Slick Chinese Idioms You Oughta Know


Would you rather…

  • Be oblivious while everyone’s laughing at a Chinese joke, or
  • Suddenly laugh out loud while everyone else raises their eyebrows at you?

Whichever you choose, both scenarios can only mean one thing: a-w-k-w-a-r-d.

Even if you’ve mastered

7 Best Taiwanese Dramas Every Chinese Learner Should Know

7 best taiwanese dramas every chinese learner should know

All work and no play? 

Makes for a dull Chinese language learning experience.

Constantly tempted to skip your lessons in favor of more leisure activities?

Well, here’s a piece of good news!

Starting today, you can combine both. You no …

The World Is Yours: 5 Effective Ways to Learn Chinese by Yourself


You’ve decided that taking Chinese classes and following a rigid course schedule is not your kind of thing.

But you’d still love to improve your Chinese language skills.

So what can you do? Simple: Learn Chinese on your own

10 Chinese Christmas Songs That You Won’t Want to Miss


Christmas is just around the corner.

And you know what that means, right?

Food, reunions, laughter and Christmas songs!

It’s also the perfect time for you to brush up on your Chinese language lessons. With all the merriment …

5 Best Mandarin Chinese Textbooks for Chinese Learners

learn korean reading 2

Let’s face it.

Learning Chinese on your own isn’t easy.

Where do you begin?

Where do you get explanations for concepts you don’t understand?

Clearly, there’s a lot that can go wrong when learning Chinese.

This is where a good …

Learn Chinese Through Lyrics: 10 Catchy Mandopop Love Songs to Get You Started


The glitzy costumes and pretty boy bands of K-pop have caught the world’s attention.

Now a new pop culture trend is reaching this global audience: Mandopop.

So what does Mandopop have to do with you?

Mandopop, known for its catchy