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How to Learn Fluent Chinese: Start Reading!


Fluency is the wonderful feeling of Chinese flowing in your mind.

It’s the feeling of not needing to think carefully, one word at a time, but instead having a 语言感 (yǔyángǎn – language feel)

And, believe it

AP Chinese Exam Practice, Stress-free: 4 Chill Ways to Go About It


A test lasting more than two hours sounds like a challenge, doesn’t it?

Now what if that test is also in Mandarin Chinese, a language different from your native one?

You want to be as ready for that challenge as …

Wow! 22 Bold Chinese Interjections You Need to Learn Today




“Who would’ve thought!”

Finding a quick, appropriate response during a conversation can be challenging when developing ability in a new language.

Sometimes called “rejoinders,” these short, responsive words and phrases can be used to express comprehension and give …