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15 Mandarin Slang Words Your Chinese Textbook Isn’t Teaching You

mandarin slang

If someone told you to “belt up,” would you know what they meant?

Or what if they called what you were doing “cheeky”?

Even if these phrases are in English, if you’re from the United States you may be slightly

Chinese Onomatopoeia: How to Tic Toc, Snore, Giggle and More in Chinese

onomatopoeia chinese

Have you ever wondered if cats still “meow” or if dogs still “woof in Chinese?

Onomatopoeias are a playful and easy way to imitate sounds in the natural world. They can sometimes be hard to grasp

Easy as ABC: 8 Foolproof Tips for Learning Chinese Faster

tips for learning chinese

Did you hear about the guy who learned to play piano in a day?

Me neither.

It takes patience and investment to learn to play piano like Beethoven.

This is the case for almost anything you want to master, including …

Your Shortcut for Learning to Read in Chinese: 15 Common Phonetics and Radicals

learn to read chinese

Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up one day and find out you could effortlessly read Chinese?

Well, that didn’t happen to me (or anyone that I know of), so chances are this won’t be your story either.

But …

Meet Your New Online Guilty Pleasure: 6 Chinese Dramas You’ll Absolutely Love Watching

chinese drama online

Treat yourself to some guilty pleasure television shows.

You know what I’m talking about.

We may never want to admit to our friends that we enjoy watching them, but we can’t deny how satisfying it is to sit back and

Chinese Euphemisms: The Advanced Phrases You Need for Smooth Sailing Through 15 Delicate Topics

advanced chinese phrases

Imagine you’re talking with a friend.

All of a sudden, she blurts out “I killed my dog last night.”

What?! You’re shocked—and quite honestly a little bit scared.

In the end, it turns out your friend actually had to …

The Top Chinese Talk Radio Stations to Give You Mandarin Ears

chinese talk radio

Have you watched every Chinese movie you can get your hands on?

Are you a master at impressing your Chinese friends with knowing the lyrics to all the popular KTV songs?

Or perhaps you have taken every FluentU course