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You’ll Laugh, You’ll Cry: 8 Captivating French Movies to Learn the Language


Is your couch comfortable?

I hope it is.

From now on, your couch is your French classroom.

In the best way possible.

We’re going to show you how to supercharge your French practice while sipping tea and nibbling on some …

Go Cook Yourself an Egg! 10 Funny French Phrases for Colorful Conversations


Let’s get back to our sheep because I have other cats to whip.

Wait, what?!

Believe it or not, the first sentence actually made sense. Well, to French people anyways.

Did it sound funny and (super) weird? You bet it …

How to Learn French on the Go, No Matter How Crazy Your Schedule Is


Twenty seconds.

That’s what separated me from the bus that was departing before my eyes, and which was supposed to take me home for the weekend.

I remember this cloudy Friday evening from a few years back pretty vividly. As …