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Fun Tools and Tips for French Accent Mark Pronunciation


Hey, you!

Yeah, you!

The one dipping your toes into the waters of French while steadfastly ignoring those weird accents that keep floating by.

By “accents,” we’re not referring to the unique inflections, dictions and stylistic quirks from different regions

10 Cool French Words You’ll Use All the Time


Not all words are created equal.

Let’s face it: some are just plain boring.

There are those words like bien (well/good) and chose (thing) that French learners use from day one… then there are words like d’accord (agreed/okay) that …

3 Simple Tricks to Learn French on Twitter


Pick your poison.

Snapchat? Facebook? Instagram? Twitter?

You’re likely already on multiple social media platforms, but have you ever thought about turning those minutes on social media into French learning opportunities?

Twitter lends itself particularly well to this strategy, …

Raise Bilingual Enfants: 8 Great Ways for Kids to Learn French


It’s as captivating as a fidget spinner.

And definitely more useful.

I’m talking about French, if you can believe it.

You and your kids might associate language learning with textbooks and exams. But there’s actually a ton of catchy, fun

6 Diverse French Audiobooks for Well Rounded Language Learning


Is there a lazy way to learn French?

Wouldn’t you love to be able to kick up your feet and absorb the language from your recliner?

What if I told you it’s possible to do exactly that? However …