English Forums for Learners

No one likes waiting for anything, not for fast food or amusement park lines and especially not to have your English learning questions answered.

So why would you waste time on an English language forum that’s as quiet as a graveyard?

Instead, check out these seven English forums for learners that are popular and active.

You’ll get quick answers to your questions plus lots of interesting conversations about many different topics.


Dave’s ESL Cafe Student Discussion Forums


Why this forum? It’s a trusted, well-established forum that comes with extra lessons and resources.

Dave’s ESL Cafe is known worldwide for being one of the best websites for ESL learning. It’s the perfect online meeting place for teachers and students from around the world.

On these forums, you’ll meet a variety of people who are willing to chat in English or answer your language questions. There isn’t any sugar coating (making something seem better/easier than it is) here, and you can generally count on a response to your posts. Discussion topics include computers, hobbies and English exam preparation.

Dave’s ESL Cafe also has a ton of resources to supplement instruction for language learners. Just go to the Stuff for Students page.

You’ll find grammar lessons, helpful quizzes and key phrases that you can learn.

Linguaholic Language Forums


Why this forum? There are lots of unique and varied discussion options.

Linguaholic is a super site that offers over 15 diverse forums for people interested in practicing foreign languages.

One forum is dedicated to apps that are best for language learning. You can join this forum and ask about apps that’ll help you with your language goals and find what works best for you.

In the translation forum, you can enter an English text that you don’t understand and others will help you with it.

Finally, there are tons of options just for English language learners. You can discuss everything from idioms to grammar to English literature.

WordReference Forums


Why this forum? This is a popular forum and learning resource with a built-in translation dictionary.

The WordReference forums support almost every language you could think of! You might want to get started with the English-only forum, where people can practice writing in English.

If you speak Spanish, French or Italian, you can also find forums specifically created for learners/speakers of those languages plus English (for example the Spanish-English vocab forum).

To make things even easier, you can use WordReference’s built-in translation dictionary if you ever get stuck.

English Forward Forums


Why this forum? You won’t be waiting around for a response.

This forum has a great feature that lets you know how long you can expect to wait for an answer to your questions. For example, when I was browsing on a weekday afternoon, the site told me that questions were currently being answered in under 20 minutes!

Want even faster online English discussion? Check out the live chat feature.

The guidelines to this forum are strictly enforced. If your post doesn’t follow them, it’ll be removed. If you want to anonymously post a question your identity will be protected. They cut spam and prevent duplicate posts to make your experience the best that it can be.

There’s an archive of the most commonly asked questions that you might want to know about.

The site also has a great free tests section with online lessons made by professionals, plus many other exercises and lessons. So no matter what you need, you’ll get the help that you want.

English Baby Forums


Why this forum? It’s a fun site with bonus celebrity videos for learners.

English Baby makes language learning even more fun than it already is! The forum is very helpful—sometimes the users even test your English sentence knowledge. It’s a very welcoming environment if you’re new to English forums.

It’s also a great place to pick up idioms and slang.

A fun bonus features on this site is the celebrity section, where you can learn English from your favorite stars! Yes, you heard right. The celebrity has a short video of them speaking English. The first step is watching the video and trying to understand what they’re saying. You can even study the transcript to practice. Then you can put your new knowledge to use in the forum.

There’s also a chat option available along with interesting English blogs to practice reading.

The Free Dictionary Language Forums


Why this forum? There are lots of discussion options for English learning professionals.

Need to learn English for medicine, business, technology or another work-related topic? These forums have you covered! There are lots of individual forums for many professional fields.

Better yet, there’s a built-in dictionary to help you with any words that you may not understand. The site also comes with a thesaurus that’ll help you spice up your language.

English Language and Usage on Stack Exchange


Why this forum? If you need quick help with your homework, you’ll find a fast answer.

If you’re serious about your learning, this site is for you! English enthusiasts uses this forum to ask and answer questions within minutes.

Once the community votes on the answer they like the most, it rises to the top of the answers list. You get the most out of your time without scrolling through all those replies.

Why Are English Forums Helpful for Language Learners?

Online language forums are super convenient for learning! They give you the flexibility to practice whenever you want.

In the comfort of your home, you can practice your writing skills and sharing your ideas and opinions in English. You can take your time writing and replying to others’ messages. There’s no rush.

Plus, when you join, you’ll be a part of a community! Members of language communities love to share their knowledge and experience with other users.

You’ll be able to keep up with current events and talk about your favorite hobbies in English. You’ll make new language buddies and be able to learn new vocabulary and grammar. Your communication skills will develop and you can see your writing improve over time with every forum message your write.

And you get all this for free!

How to Find the Best English Language Forums Online

It can be hard to tell the difference between a good forum and a terrible one. But we’re here to help you pick the best one!

A great forum has a friendly environment where all levels are welcomed. It has rules in place that you must follow to keep it safe and fun for everyone. The discussion topics are interesting to you, while also encouraging everyone to give useful feedback.

It’s a place where you can relax, be yourself and improve your English.


Even if it’s your first time joining an English forum for learners, it’ll be fun! You’ll meet people and learn while having a blast.

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