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What Is Academic English? Top 3 Traits All Students Should Recognize


You’re sitting in class, listening to your professor.

Everything seems to make sense.

You’re nodding along and writing your notes.

But things change when you get back home.

Suddenly, your notes aren’t so clear.

You glance at your next reading …

10 English PC Software Options That Make Learning Entertaining


You can feel your eyes getting heavy.

It’s so hard to concentrate.

You’re not interested in studying English right now.

You need to learn, but you’re so bored it’s making you sleepy.

You’d rather just play around on your laptop

4 Short Films for Fast and Fun English Shadowing Practice


“Repeat after me…”

How many times have you heard that in class or with your tutor?

Are you starting to feel silly repeating the same old English words and phrases?

Repeating spoken English—also known as shadowing—is an effective method …

6 Fun Chatting Apps for Learning English and Building Conversational Confidence


“Go on—say something in English!”

If you have friends or family who know you’re learning English, you’ve probably heard this request before.

Don’t they know it’s not that easy?

Speaking in English is hard!

You might not always find …

4 Fantastic Ways to Learn an American English Accent


Do you have a favorite actor?

Have you seen a movie where they play the part of an American, but you know they aren’t? How do they speak the American accent so well?

How can you be as convincing as

9 Websites with Interactive Videos for Students of All Ages to Learn English


We understand.

You’ve had another long day and the last thing you want to do is bury your head in a textbook, but you don’t want to lose a day of studying English.

Perhaps you just got a big promotion …

7 Fun Programs That Help Kids Learn English Like Rock Stars


What’s that?

Is that an English song your kid is singing?

It’s great to hear them using the language, isn’t it?

If you want your child to learn English, the sooner they start, the better.

But you may not feel …