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What Is Academic English? Top 3 Features All Students Should Recognize


You’re sitting in class, listening to your professor.

Everything seems to make sense.

You’re nodding along and writing your notes.

But things change when you get back home.

Suddenly, your notes aren’t so clear.

You glance at your next reading …

Yes, You Can Learn an American English Accent! 4 Speech Training Resources That Work


Worried that you can’t learn an American English accent?

You don’t need to worry.

It’s totally possible—you’ve probably already heard someone who’s done it.

Think of your favorite actor, for example. Have you seen a movie where they played the …

Instant English Class! Learn English with Videos on These 9 Interactive Online Lesson Sites

learn english videos

You can learn English with videos the easy way, or the hard way.

Maybe you’ve already tried the hard way:

Searching through hundreds (or thousands!) of English videos on YouTube trying to find the ones that actually work.

Here’s …

7 Fun Programs That Help Kids Learn English Like Rock Stars


What’s that?

Is that an English song your kid is singing?

It’s great to hear them using the language, isn’t it?

If you want your child to learn English, the sooner they start, the better.

But you may not feel …

Is It Time for an English Tutor? Everything You Should Know to Get Started


It’s imagination time!

Imagine this situation: You and your friend are having problems understanding everything in your English class, but one day your friend suddenly starts getting better.

You ask why they’re improving so quickly, and they tell …

Learn New English Skills with These 8 Cute Commercials on YouTube


When you are watching TV, do you spend a lot of time thinking about the commercials?

You probably just wait for them to end so you can get back to your favorite show.

Well, today, we are going …

6 Wonderful Options for Learning English Through Immersion


Wondering how you’re going to use your English in the real world?

Learning English is about more than reviewing vocabulary and grammar.

You need to know how to actually use the language, and to hear how others use it.…