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Feel the Rhythm of English and Improve Your Pronunciation!


Want to improve your pronunciation?

Then put down that textbook and learn to feel the rhythm of English!

Many English learners focus on improving their vocabulary and grammar without thinking much about rhythm—even though this is just as important …

13 Common English Questions and Answers to Give Your Social Life a Boost


Let’s face it: “Hello! How are you?” can only get you so far in life.

Your English classes have prepared you for language exams, university classes and travel—but have they prepared you for Friday night?

One reason why learning …

Your English Tourism Vocabulary List for Connecting with Absolutely Any Traveler


Some people learn English for their trip abroad, while many learn English for work.

But what if you use English for both?

For example, do you work as a hotel receptionist?

A local tour guide?

A bus driver?…

7 Creative Ways to Learn English Offline


Want English skills that don’t need an internet connection?

Want to talk clearly and understand English speakers IRL (in real life)?

If you’re hitting that moment in your online English studies when your eyes begin to glaze over, and …

15 ESL Summer Camps to Beat the Summer Slide


Want to make sure your summer doesn’t slide away from you?

Although sunburns and a new swimsuit are great, would you like to have more to show after those three hot months?

If you want something beyond the ordinary, and …

Slow Monday? Here’s How to Order Coffee in English Like a Local


“Can I have a large, triple-shot, sugar-free, non-fat latte, please?”

If it takes a second to make sense of that, you’re not alone.

Sometimes ordering coffee is like learning a whole other language, but it’s absolutely necessary if you’re addicted …