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Punctuation Pro! The Ultimate Guide to Mastering English Punctuation Marks


Punctuation mistakes can cost millions of dollars.

Just ask the dairy company who lost a lawsuit due to a missing comma.

They can also spark fiery debates that ignite a whole country.

Think about punctuation’s importance to American gun

Stock Your Bar with These Essential English Vocabulary Terms for Bartenders


Bartenders live their lives like rock stars or spies.

They deal with parties, drinks, people, music, gossip, secrets and the occasional hangover.

Along with others who work in the hospitality industry, they can travel and have a job anywhere

Learn English from Popular Music Videos: 6 Super Fun Sites


Who is your favorite pop artist?

Beyonce? Ed Sheeran? Bruno Mars?

Guess what—now they are your favorite English teacher, too.

You can learn English directly from these superstars (and many others) with music video English lessons.

How so? There …

How to Learn English by Listening (And Finally Understand English Speakers!)


When you learn English by listening, you can understand crazy things like this:

Unnerstandin’English’skindahardsometimes, yaknowhaddamean?

Did you get that?

It’s just the way that a native English speaker might say the phrase “Understanding English is kind of hard sometimes, you

Forward Your Learning by Using Movie Scenes in English


Pretend you’re training to be a boxer.

Imagine trying to learn how to fight the same way most people try to learn to speak English. So, you read a couple of books with exercises before you get in the ring.…

Learn to Speak English Correctly with These 7 Innovative Apps


Your phone is your newest English conversation buddy.

You don’t even need someone to call.

All you need are powerful English speaking apps to learn perfect pronunciation, natural rhythms and everything else to talk confidently.

Combined with other English

Improve English Pronunciation with Music: 5 Fantastic Songs


Want to sound like a native English speaker?

Try singing like one!

You might already know that English songs have amazing vocabulary and grammar lessons hidden inside, and lots of fun idioms you can learn.

But songs can …