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6 Delightfully Challenging Crossword Puzzles for English Learners

crossword in english

It’s a unique and fun way to learn new English words.

10 letters, starting with “c.”

Give up?


These challenging little word puzzles are beloved by native English speakers.

But they’re also an incredible tool for English learners. If …

Learn English Consonant Clusters with “Friends,” Fergie and Other Real English Speakers


Want your English speech to be as smooth as peanut butter?

Then we had better tell you about consonant clusters in English.

These little letter combinations will help your English speech flow flawlessly.

And they are everywhere—we …

Flip Flops or Sandals? Clear Up English Clothes Confusion with This Vocabulary List


Look at you!

Snazzy. Fresh. Fly. 

In other words, you look good!

But do you know what you’re wearing?

English clothes vocabulary can be pretty confusing. Some words are super specific, while others are used for all kinds of clothing …

“Make a Difference” or “Create a Difference?” 5 Essential English Collocations, Explained


Hamburgers and french fries.

Socks and shoes.

Lizzy and Darcy.

Some things are just made to be together.

Did you know there are even certain English words that go hand-in-hand?

These words are called collocations. You’ll always find them …