Strength in Numbers: 5 Everyday Ways to Teach Chinese Numbers to Students


Ever had students count starting from one, just to remember how to say the number that they needed?

Sometimes that can happen if numbers are taught and memorized in order.

What if students instead could immediately recall the meaning

Getting to Know You! 9 Chinese Lesson Plan Ideas That Make Class Personal


Happy Chinese students = happy Chinese teacher.

But how do we keep everyone happy?

After all, no two students are the same.

Well, therein lies the answer. Getting to know your students is a huge part of teaching Chinese

6 Laid-back, Low-key Chinese Teaching Strategies


Language teaching can be pretty intense.

Sometimes you just need a break! 

When we Chinese teachers are in need of a low-key class period, or need to prepare lessons for a substitute teacher, it can be challenging to come up

The Chinese Teacher’s Ultimate Guide to TPRS


What do movies, jokes, songs and gossip all have in common?

They are all stories!

Stories are a powerful way to communicate ideas so that they stick long-term. We remember far more of what we hear and read …

The Coolest Chinese Classroom Game by Far: Mafia

chinese classroom games

“Language classes should be fun.”

That was a student’s expectation about my Chinese class.

He thought we needed to be playing a lot of, dare I say, rather pointless games.

But he was only 12. He didn’t have the …

Authentic Materials for Chinese Class: 5 Awesome Sites That Give You the Best of the Best

authentic materials for chinese class

Sick of combing the web for authentic materials for your Chinese class?

You could just go through the textbook.

The problem is, most textbook courses were created for non-native speakers.

Such courses can provide great baby steps when students

Short and Sweet: How to Teach Mandarin to Beginners with Simple Stories

how to teach mandarin to beginners

Do you remember the first book ever read aloud to you?

If you’re a native English speaker, maybe something by Dr. Seuss?

Or maybe “Goodnight Moon”“The Very Hungry Caterpillar”?

Before someone read fun stories to you, did …