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Go Viral with These 4 YouTube Channels to Learn a Language


YouTube. It’s everyone’s favorite video sharing site.

But YouTube is for so much more than uploading videos of ill-advised stunts.

It’s also a language student’s dream come true.

An endless supply of free learning material? Yes, please!

With YouTube, you …

Stop Looking! 5 Best Sources for Language MOOCs


Language courses can be daunting.

Whether it’s the price, the convenience or even just the uncomfortable plastic chairs, taking a language course can have its drawbacks.

But when you’re learning a language as an adult, sometimes you need a …

Straight Talk Meets Pillow Talk: The Guide to Learning a Language While You Sleep



It’s a time to relax.

It’s a time to recharge.

It’s a time to dream about showing up in your high school math class wearing nothing but an octopus and a smile.

But can it also be a time …

6 Innovative Language Learning Tools to Work into Your Daily Routine


To complete any project, you need the right tool for the job.

You wouldn’t try to pound in a nail with a wrench, would you?

When it comes to language learning, there’s so much more in your toolbox than just

Language Learning Diary Starter Kit: Write Your Way to Fluency


Diaries—we’ve all kept one at some point.

Maybe yours was a record of those teenage flings, your worldwide travel or just some things to remember in your daily life.

But did you know keeping a diary can help you learn …

5 Budget-friendly Language Textbooks That Pack a Wallop


Language textbooks can really mess you up.

One minute, you’re just trying to learn Italian.

The next, it feels like the ground has flown out from under you.

All your money is gone, your whole body aches, you’re drifting in …

Own Your Level and Test Your Language Skills with These 6 Websites


“Okay, class. Today, we have a test.”

Those classic words probably send shivers down your spine as you flashback to bad high school memories and torturous study sessions.

But get the visions of acne, frenemies and lifelong trauma out of …

Digital Language Labs: 5 Self-study Labs to Grow Your Fluency


When you think of a lab, what do you picture?

Do you think of white lab coats and safety goggles?

Do you think of beakers and test tubes full of dangerous or potentially life-saving liquids?

Do you think of a …

Challenge Accepted! Learn Multiple Languages with These 12 Language Learning Podcasts


The world is full of pod people.

No, not aliens—podcast fans.

And if you’re looking to learn a language, at some point, you’re bound to become a pod person.

That’s because these audio resources are tremendously useful for language acquisition

6 Social Networks Built Just for Language Learners


Social networks are supposed to show us the freshest updates on our friend groups and in the world, right?

So why is it that each day’s newsfeed seems so much like the last?

Pictures of babies…

News posts and comment …