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Check Out the Big Picture with These 5 Photo Translator Apps



Did you hear that?


There it is again.

That’s the sound of your language learning excuses getting flushed down the toilet, one by one.

Because today, we’re looking at a piece of language learning technology so cool, …

8 Awesome Online Resources for Parallel Text Books


Let’s say you’re in a place where you can’t read the local language.

You can’t read any stickers, pamphlets, slogans or warning signs in that language.

Only there are signs in both English and the primary spoken language, so you …

This Just In! Making the Most of News in Different Languages


We’ve got good news about news.

That routine barrage of doom and gloom can do much more than put a damper on an otherwise great day.

Turns out, news is a perfect resource for learning a language!

But we aren’t …

"Bathroom" in Different Languages, Plus Useful Related Vocab


Sometimes, emergencies happen.

You just can’t avoid them.

While fires, medical issues and catastrophic events like Starbucks discontinuing your favorite drink might seem life-threatening, one emergency is more awkward and embarrassing than all the rest.

Yes. Bathroom emergencies.

And when …

Mo’ Money, No Problems: 5 Foreign Language Scholarships


Having money is the dream, but it can definitely bring problems.

Your sister will want you to buy her a new dress.

Your cousin will want you to fund his son’s private school education.

Your grandmother will want you to …

Learning, Translated: 5 Steps to Kindle Language Learning


Sitting on a beach or in a coffee shop in some far-flung place.

Showing everyone how interesting you are by reading Camus or Cervantes or Murakami in the original language.

Isn’t it a beautiful image?

Of course, the actual experience …

16 Super CEFR Placement Tests That Speak for Themselves


Do you remember that “Kids in the Hall” skit about the shopkeeper who speaks no English?

If you don’t, feel free to take a peek. I’ll wait.


Oh, good! You’re back.

You can imagine the frustration of …

Better, Cheaper and More Fun! 7 Rosetta Stone Alternatives


When it comes to language learning, there’s no one-size-fits-all option.

It fact, it’s easy to get stuck with a learning program that doesn’t suit you.

Popularity and expense aren’t guarantees that any software, website or book will work for …

Android Language Learning: 16 Apps You Absolutely Must Try


You wouldn’t have expected your grandmother to gift you her collection of porcelain cat figurines.

But it’s hard to ignore the kitschy appeal of having thousands of creepy eyes staring down at you from your mantle.

You wouldn’t have thought …

6 Twitter Strategies for the High-flying Language Learner



It sounds innocent enough.

But the staggering view from your timeline will show you it’s anything but.

And regular use will have you so addicted you’ll soon be checking it from the remotest areas where you can get service.…