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Stitch Your Own Intermediate Language Lessons with 18 Crafty Tips


Your Pinterest board doesn’t need to be on point.

A glue gun may seem like an instrument of torture to you.

You can even have a pathological aversion to glitter. It’s only natural.

But whether or not you’re crafty by …

Hypnosis? To Learn a Language? Here Are the Facts!


You are getting sleepy.

You are getting very, very sleepy.

You will only respond to innovative language learning techniques. 

When you read “you are getting sleepy,” did you immediately picture a swinging watch or hypnotic swirl? We did.

But hypnosis

5 Resources for Chatbots to Be Your Language Learning BFFs


They interact like humans, but they’re not human.

They’re built of the latest technology, tweaked and reworked to perfection.

But don’t call them “hosts” or expect them to let you shoot them over and over again—this isn’t “Westworld.”

We’re talking …

Use It or Lose It: The 9 Best Websites for Active Language Learning


“I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.”

This quote has been traced back centuries to Vincent van Gogh, and it’s still relevant for 21st century knowledge-seekers.

No …

Do the Math: How to Count Successfully in Different Languages


“How many?”

It’s a basic question, one we’re accustomed to hearing from an early age.

How many fingers? Toes? Apples?

The problem is: How do you know “how many” there are of anything if you can’t count?

Face it. No

Laughs for Learners! 10 Cartoons in 10 Foreign Languages


Mickey and Minnie.

Tom and Jerry.

Fred and Wilma Flintstone.

Some couples go together naturally—kind of like cartoons and language learning.

Okay, so they might not sound as cutesy together as your favorite cartoon couple, but cartoons and language …

Blogs You Can Use to Learn a Language: The Big List


Textbooks only contain what can fit between two covers.

Videos come to an end.

Even your favorite language teacher eventually runs out of breath and stops talking.

All your standard learning resources are finite.

But realizing the limitations of your

Otherworldly Tech: The 9 Best Android Language Learning Apps


The world is being invaded.

And our invaders’ numbers grow day by day.

But no little green men are involved, and we don’t need to recruit Will Smith to save us.

That’s because we’re being invaded by Android language learning

The Best Language Learning Trackers (Instructions Included)


Do you ever wonder how your language learning is going?

As in, are you making progress?

Or are you stalled—stuck on a plateau, or even faceplanted into a brick wall?

Actually, if you’ve hit a wall, you’re …

5 Ways Anyone Can Learn Languages with Virtual Reality


The future is now.

You can watch a 3D TV from the comfort of your couch.

You can morph your face from the comfort of your phone.

Hands-free devices allow you to focus more fully on your taco consumption.…