Save Time and Motivate Students with Authentic, Engaging Content

  • Thousands of videos ranging from music videos and movie trailers, to news and inspiring talks.
  • All carefully curated and categorized from one of 6 levels.
  • Subtitled, translated, and annotated by professional translators.
  • Integrated dictionary provides context-specific definitions, images, audio, multiple examples, and Clip Review.
  • Languages that can be learned: English, Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Japanese.

Immersive Video Quizzes, Assignments, and Progress Tracking

  • Video quizzes that let learners learn through context and immersion.
  • Give students reps without feeling repetitive.
  • Adaptive learning: provide personalized prompts based on previous history.
  • Create assignments with due dates and automatic progress tracking.
  • Identify trouble spots that require extra review during class.

Easy to Get Started, But Built
to Scale

  • Get started with just 10 students in your class.
  • Cloud based so no installation or IT support required.
  • Separate students into separate classes.
  • Easily add more teachers to multi-teacher accounts.
  • Easily administer with centralized billing.

Flip the Classroom With a Cloud Based Service That Is Usable By Anyone, Anywhere

  • Cloud-based so it opens on any web browser.
  • iPhone/iPad and Android apps also available.
  • Seamlessly move between devices with with automatic progress syncing.
  • Students can use at your language lab, on their computer, on their phones. It's the perfect way to make time for language learning.
“サブタイトル付きの動画は数多くありますが、ボキャブラリーを検索したり、動画を一時停止したり、その内容を本当に理解してるかを確認するのは簡単ではありません...でもそんなこととはもうお別れです。FluentU は私達の悩みを解決し、他のサイトでは作り出せなかった動画を実現してくれました。” ジェイコブ・ギル、iLearnMandarin
“サブタイトル付きの動画は数多くありますが、ボキャブラリーを検索したり、動画を一時停止したり、その内容を本当に理解してるかを確認するのは簡単ではありません...でもそんなこととはもうお別れです。FluentU は私達の悩みを解決し、他のサイトでは作り出せなかった動画を実現してくれました。” ジェイコブ・ギル、iLearnMandarin