Where to Find the Best Conversation Dialogues with English Translations: 6 Chatty Resources

Do you want to keep up in a real Spanish conversation, with real Spanish speakers?

That’s where Spanish conversations with English translations come in.

This study tool will prepare you for real-life conversations, no matter what level your Spanish is at.

We’ll show you six great places to find them and get chatting about anything!


How Can English Translations of Spanish Conversations Benefit You?

These conversations are the best way to ease yourself into conversational Spanish. You’ll be able to follow along and will start to understand the flow of a conversation in Spanish as well as common words and the context they’re used in.

You’ll usually get an audio component along with the written words. It’s really easy to pause and rewind anything that you didn’t quite catch the first time. However, you may not even need to use that function often because these conversations are delivered at slower pace than a normal Spanish conversation happening on the streets or on TV. This is great if you’re not quite comfortable with the natural pace of spoken Spanish yet.

It may seem daunting to listen to countless Spanish conversations, but your hard work will pay off. Eventually, you’ll be able to breeze through these dialogues and start having smooth conversations in Spanish yourself without even breaking a sweat.

6 Spots to See Spanish Conversations with English Translations is a great free resource. The Spanish Conversations page offers 24 conversations on everyday topics like getting to know someone, shopping, transportation and more. The conversations are geared towards beginner and intermediate learners.

The format includes an audio recording and below there’s a side-by-side Spanish-English script for you to follow along with.

There are also notes included at the bottom of the conversations to explain anything that might’ve been confusing and the reasoning behind certain word usages.


This program is based around using authentic Spanish videos with interactive captions to teach learners. You can watch Spanish videos made for native speakers that showcase that language as it’s used by native speakers. 

The interactive captions are available in English and Spanish can be toggled to suit your needs. As you watch, you can hover over any word and see an in-context definition, more video examples, an image related to the word and a pronunciation guide.

You can also create flashcards from any unknown words and practice with the quizzes that come after each video. Videos are categorized by skill level and can be sorted by genre to make it easier to find content at your level that you can also enjoy.


This resource has conversations for beginner, intermediate and advanced learners. You’ll need to sign up for a subscription to access the materials, but with the sheer number of dialogues available, you can easily build your way up to advanced by listening to and learning from these conversations.

The format of these dialogues is an audio clip with the written script below. The translation is right underneath the text.

The length of these conversations is varied from extremely short to a couple of minutes long. However, you’ll likely need to spend multiple sessions working through all of these dialogues. I’d recommend working through a mix of long and short dialogues to keep yourself engaged.

“Spanish Short Stories for Beginners” (with Audiobook)

Spanish Short Stories for Beginners: Level 1 - FULL English Translation and Audio Download Available (Spanish Language Learning Book 2)

From the name you probably guessed this isn’t just one conversation, it’s an entire book! All of the conversations are connected so it may seem more like reading a play than reading a dialogue script.

If you have trouble motivating yourself to work through unconnected conversations, then this is the best option for you. The short stories will keep you interested and engaged while you read Spanish conversations.

The format of this book is just a written Spanish narrative with conversations woven throughout, and an English translation in the book. If you want to be able to hear the conversation while you read it, download the audiobook and follow along in that way.

The link above is to the Kindle version, but there’s a paperback if you’re interested.

Lonely Planet’s Spanish Phrasebook (with Audio CD)

Lonely Planet Spanish Phrasebook and Audio CD

If you’re looking to brush up your conversational skills before a trip to a Spanish-speaking region, check out this resource. It’s more of a phrasebook with less drawn-out conversations, but has specific phrases that you’d use in a conversation while traveling.

The format of this resource is two parts: the book and the audio CD. You can listen to the phrases on the CD and easily follow along in the book where there are Spanish phrases with English translations. The price for both is $11.04.

The phrases are practical and easy to work into a normal conversation. They cover everything from ordering food, to travel safety and emergencies, to traveling with disabilities and much more. If you plan on talking to the locals, these phrases will be very useful for a variety of conversations and interactions.

Already got your trip planned? Or just dreaming of booking that flight? There are lots more helpful Spanish language and culture resources where this one came from.

Lonely Planet publishes travel books with firsthand insights from expert travel writers. They’re fantastic tools to get off the tourist-beaten path and explore your destination the way native speakers see it—which, in turn, will give you tons of opportunities to practice conversational Spanish. Check out all their travel books and guides here.

Spanish Interactive Lessons

Spanish Interactive Lessons is another free online resource. The lessons are geared towards beginners so this is perfect if you’re just starting out.

Several of these dialogues include a cute animated video with audio and a written Spanish script with the English translation. The translation isn’t side-by-side, so you’ll have to scroll down for it.

There are also interactive options like multiple choice questions to make sure that you correctly understood what you just watched. Otherwise, you may never know that you misunderstood a crucial element of the conversation!


All of these are great places to start gaining comprehension and conversation skills. The goal is to better understand Spanish grammar and vocabulary usage. I don’t doubt you’ll achieve that goal. Start small and continually push yourself to listen to a slightly harder conversation. Eventually, you’ll find these conversations easy to understand, it’ll just take some time!

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