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Newbie Essentials: The Four Tones

Beginner 1  •  6 videos
It's true, tones can be one of the most intimidating things about the Chinese language - but don't fear! Not only do they make learning Chinese more interesting, they're actually much easier to master than you think. In this six-part custom FluentU course made for both new learners looking to tackle the tones and veterans in need of practice, start with the first tone and work your way up using easy-to-follow and intuitively organized audio slideshows. Top it all off with two lessons meant to put your new skills to use via applying each and every tone and you'll be well on your way to total tone mastery!

The First Tone

Beginner 1  •  1:10  •  9 Words

The Second Tone

Beginner 1  •  1:20  •  8 Words

The Third Tone

Beginner 1  •  1:21  •  8 Words

The Fourth Tone

Beginner 1  •  1:11  •  8 Words

Tones One Through Four

Beginner 1  •  1:55  •  13 Words

The Four Tones in Use

Beginner 1  •  2:08  •  19 Words
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