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Hold the Phone! Stop Right Now and Download These Spain Travel Apps

Spain’s list of attractions seems never-ending.

There’s the Spanish language, which is full of character and drama.

There’s the socializing, which entails late dinners and marathon partying.

And you can’t forget about the museums, galleries, tapas and stellar beer.

But how can you be sure you get to experience it all on your big trip?

You download Spain travel apps.

Apps are like personal travel guides. There are apps that teach us Spanish, guide us around Spanish galleries and lead us to the best Spanish cuisine.

But before you even start downloading apps, there are a few things to know about Spanish culture.


Things to know before your trip to Spain

Spain’s main cities

The capital city of Madrid is in the center of the country. It’s a must-see if you’re looking for city action. Madrid has amazing museums, wild nightlife and great shopping.

Barcelona in the northeast is also a beloved tourist destination, especially among youth looking for cool clubs, cutting-edge art and stunning architecture.

Farther south, there are gorgeous cities such as Seville (land of the fabulous Flamenco dance) and Cordoba, where visitors can gawk at amazing architecture from the period of Moorish rule.

Oh, and don’t forget Ibiza, the island famous for relaxing and partying.

Some of the apps on this list are geared toward specific Spanish cities. Have fun exploring!

How to get around Spain

There’s no single best way to get around Spain—road, rail and air are all reliable.

Bus travel is the cheapest option but also takes longer.

Trains are more comfortable but also more expensive than buses. Domestic flights can work out cheaply if you can find a good deal.

Booking early ensure best deals, so advance planning can save you money!

Does this all sound a little too confusing? Don’t worry, these apps will help you navigate Spain with ease!

Hold the Phone! Stop Right Now and Download These Spain Travel Apps

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Learn Spanish: FluentU

Website | iOS | Android

spain travel apps

FluentU helps you learn Spanish by taking real-world videos—like music videos, movie trailers, news and inspiring talks—and turning them into personalized Spanish language learning lessons.

Learning with authentic videos helps you do more than just learn the language. You also learn about the culture! This way, you’ll enter Spain with knowledge about current events, famous songs and popular food. The more you understand the culture, you more you can appreciate your time in the country.

FluentU’s enhanced video player comes with interactive captions: Click any word for an instant definition and native pronunciation.

But FluentU is about so much more than videos. You also get access to interactive flashcards and vocab lists, annotated subtitles and personalized quizzes.

FluentU even learns with you! The learning algorithm takes what you’ve already learned into account when presenting questions and tests you on material you haven’t mastered yet. This makes FluentU ideal for any level of Spanish learner, from beginner to near-native.

You can even download FluentU files for offline use so you can watch fun videos in a restaurant while you eat gazpacho or in a train traveling from Madrid to Barcelona.

Check out the full video library for free with a FluentU trial!

Stay vegetarian in Spain: HappyCow

Website | iOS | Android

spain travel apps

Spain is no paradise for herbivores. Ask for a vegetarian dish and you may get a salad with ham. Not good.

So let HappyCow come to the rescue.

As the most popular online resource for traveling veggies, it lists local vegetarian or vegan restaurants. You can also search for restaurants that include plenty of options for veggies in their menus, even if they aren’t strictly vegetarian or vegan.

HappyCow also shows you stores and accommodation aimed toward vegetarians. This app a lifesaver. (And if you’re vegan due to a food allergy, it’s a lifesaver in more ways than one!)

See Spanish art: Spain is Culture

Website | iOS | Android

spain travel apps

Do you want to brush up on your art knowledge while in Spain? Maybe you want to impress your friends when you get home with your new understanding of art history.

Fret no more! This app, designed by the Department of Education, Culture and Sport, will help you do just that.

Spain is Culture tracks artwork housed in some of Spain’s main museums, including the Prado and the Museum of Romanticism. You can locate them and see them live, on a wall, with plenty of information to learn about the context of the pieces.

See architecture in Spain: Gaudi’s BCN

iOS | Android

spain travel apps

Barcelona: party city, clubbing mecca and home of cutting-edge design.

The city’s character is also represented by the outlandish architectural legacy of Catalan modernist Antoni Gaudí. He’s the creator of the unfinished church Sagrada Família, one of the city’s busiest tourist attractions.

But there are many other sites designed by Gaudí. This app will guide you through Gaudí’s landmarks spread throughout Barcelona and appreciate his unique style and vision.

Cycle around Madrid: CiclaMadrid Conecta

WebsiteiOS | Android

spain travel apps

In general, Europe is a bicycle-friendly continent, with good cycle lane networks and car drivers who respect cyclists.

Madrid is no exception. This app enables visitors to wheel around Madrid’s regions and discover sights off the beaten track.

It features several routes of various lengths around Madrid, covering famous gardens, castles and national parks, among other sites.

If you’re in the mood for some serious pedaling, this is the app for you.

Enjoy Spanish island life: TM2IBZ – Take Me to Ibiza

Website | iOS | Android

spain travel apps

Ibiza, one of four Balearic islands in the Mediterranean, is a gorgeous, sun-kissed destination, known for its international party scene. But there’s much more the island than just hedonism.

TM2IBZ – Take Me to Ibiza will help you have a more varied experience on the island.

It gives users information about venues and provides seasonal calendars. You’ll also gain access to news from local media and promotions for attractions. Now when you go home, you can have more to tell your friends than just the typical party stories.

Use money in Spain: TransferWise Money Transfer

Website | iOS | Android

spain travel apps

Traveling means dealing with money matters and conversion rates.

Thankfully, the internet has made life a lot easier. In Europe, TransferWise is a service that allows users to move money internationally at a much lower cost than at your average bank.

It features a reliable identification system, and the money arrives at its destination in a matter of hours.

It’s available in 28 currencies (the euro and US dollar included). And TransferWise is based on the official exchange rate, not on some dodgy dealer’s fee.

Best of all, you don’t need to speak Spanish to use this app. With a multilingual interface, it supports 11 languages, including English, German, French, Italian and Chinese, among others.

Get around Spain: Spain Offline Map for Tourists


spain travel apps

When traveling around Spain, you may lose internet connection. Yes, that’s a bummer, but you don’t need to panic.

The Spain Offline Map for Tourists app works offline with GPS geolocation. It’s also full of practical information to help you get around Spain. Handy, right?

For example, you can access information about weather, flight tickets and status, airport, car rental, hotel bookings, hotel deals, phrase books and much more.

In short, this app is basically your personal assistant for Spain!

Find free accommodation in Spain: Couchsurfing

Website | iOS | Android

spain travel apps

Strapped for cash? Can’t afford a hostel bed, hotel room or Airbnb accommodation?

Don’t worry, all is not lost!

Couchsurfing is a platform that brings people together thanks to hosts who are willing to give travelers a bed to sleep in for free. Yes, free! There are good, selfless people out there.

Log in and create a profile that reflects your lifestyle and values. Enter your destination and check out your potential hosts, being sure to review them carefully. Once you find a few options, send them a so-called “couch request.”

Besides free accommodation, you may get some good new friends, cultural immersion and language practice out of this app.

Get a ride around Spain: BlaBlaCar

Website | iOS | Android

spain travel apps

Struggling to navigate or afford Spain’s public transportation?

Well, BlaBlaCar can help.

This carpooling platform operating in various countries, Spain included. Just enter your destination and find a car headed the same way.

If you’re worry about safety, BlaBlaBla has several features, such as driver ratings and social media links, to give users peace of mind. That includes a reassuring Ladies Only option.

Neat, huh? This could be the perfect opportunity to practice your Spanish with locals in the car!


Are you ready to say hola (hello) to Spain now? I hope so!

I also hope these 10 apps will help you fall in love with Spain as much as I have.


Antonio Pasolini is an EFL teacher and translator based in Brazil. He lived in Europe for 13 years, where he developed a taste for traveling he just can’t shake off… and doesn’t want to!

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