The 12 Best Travel Apps for Adventuring Like a Boss


“Don’t leave home without it!”

You might remember this slogan from American Express’s popular campaign.

Decades later, this phrase still applies to our lives. Except rather than a plastic card, it’s our cell phone we should never leave home …

6 Reasons Travelers Should Learn the Local Language Before a Big Trip


The first time I boarded a high-speed train in China, I couldn’t make out the Mandarin on my ticket. In my mind, the Chinese characters were just weird shapes.

My friend and I had to go off the cuff, …

Backpacking Alone: 12 Tips for When You’re Ridin’ Solo


What’s the number one adventure on your travel bucket list?

Maybe you want to hike and mountain bike in Bolivia. Or take a gap year in South Korea. Or finally trek Machu Picchu in Peru.

Unfortunately, it’s …