Travel Around the World with These 19 Overseas Apps

overseas apps

Going on a big trip abroad? This may seem like the perfect opportunity to step away from your phone.

I get it. You don’t want to distract yourself by browsing Facebook or Reddit. You should be making the most of …

Culture, Work, Life: The Pros and Cons of Living in Spain


I’m a dual American/Canadian citizen. As much as I love both of my home countries, I’ve been living in Spain for three years now.

I’ve lived in Barcelona, Seville and Madrid. You could say I’m a certified expat.


Social Travel Apps: 10 Tools for Meeting People Everywhere You Go

social travel apps

Traveling to a new place comes with a ton of different emotions.

You’re excited for new and memorable experiences.

You probably also feel a little nervous—maybe even lonely—as you step out of your comfort zone, into a new …

Lost in Translation? Download These 5 Translation Apps for Travel

translation apps for travel

Language! What an incredible tool humanity’s made for itself.

It’s how we communicate. How we express ourselves. How we make art and share love.

However, language can present a problem or two. Especially for you, the traveler.

There are so …

Travel Without Breaking the Bank with These 8 Cheap Travel Apps


We’ve all had the same thoughts when we hear about our friends’ international escapades:

“It’s just too expensive for me right now.”

“I’d have to save up so much money before planning anything.”

“I’m just too broke to even …

Konnichiwa! Say Hello to Tokyo with These 17 Travel Apps


Shibuya Crossing.

The Imperial Palace.

Sushi served in metro stations. Ramen straight from a vending machine.

Tokyo is one of the most fascinating cities I’ve ever visited. You could spend months there and never cross everything off your Tokyo bucket

Calling All Digital Nomads! Check out These 22 Tools for Success

digital nomad tools

Thinking about quitting your desk job?

Ready to travel the world and work while you do it?

Working as a digital nomad has never been so easy or accessible! People all over are realizing they can work from