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Language Trips to Spain: 7 Language Programs That Immerse You in Spanish Culture

“It’s like a dream to come to Spain and stay for a couple of years and get somebody to teach me Spanish music.” – Lenny Kravitz

We all have dreams, don’t we? Even if they’re not wildly ambitious, they give us something to smile about over our morning cups of coffee.

Travel dreams are very common.

I have to admit, I dream of traveling all the time. Maybe you do, too.

Spain is a destination many travelers dream of. If you’re like me, you’re probably speaking Spanish effortlessly in these dreams!

It’s great to have dreams. It’s better to make them come true.

Are you dreaming of language trip? Maybe to this European gem?


There are many fabulous options for Spanish language trips to Spain that can make your dream a reality.

Let’s check some out!


How to Prepare for Language Trips to Spain

Get Your Paperwork in Order

Update your passport, if necessary.

language trips to spain

Visitors can enjoy Spain without having to apply for and obtain a visa, so that makes traveling there easy! The details of traveling to Spain are all pretty straightforward.

It’s a good idea to check the particulars of your health coverage before you travel internationally. You’re probably fine, but it never hurts to be sure!

If you do need travel medical insurance, International Medical Group is one of my favorite options.

Get Your Cell Phone Ready for Spain

If you’re like me, you probably don’t leave home without your phone.

But if you don’t want to find yourself paying excessive charges for using it—or worse, finding it won’t even work in Spain!—get the phone issue squared away before you leave.

You’ll need a cell phone that’s unlocked. Buy a SIM card so you won’t need to hunt one down in Spain.

Also, check your current phone plan. Depending on your carrier and plan, it might be an inexpensive option to add on an international usage plan.

Consider installing a few apps on your phone. A Spanish translation and dictionary app—especially one that features common words and phrases—will prove useful.

And if you’re going to spend any amount of time in a particular region or city, download a travel app (or a few!) to cover items like the railroad or metro lines, restaurant choices or museum locations and hours. That way, you’ll have tons of information in the palm of your hand!

Possibly the most valuable app you could have on your phone is a Spanish language learning app. After all, you’re here to learn the language.

What to Expect from a Spanish Language Trip

An immersive experience is a super way to learn the language.

Spanish is rated category one on the Foreign Services Institute’s scale, which means it’s one of the easiest languages for native English speakers to master.

When you’re taking a Spanish language trip, you should expect to become part of a global community. You’ll be surrounded by other learners, potentially from all points on the globe, who are working toward the same goal you are.

Also, you can expect lots of intriguing Spanish cultural experiences! Literature, news, incredible foods, sports and music—and so much more—is all there for your learning pleasure.

An insider’s tip? Don’t just watch what’s going on around you. Participate! Join in the fun—you’ll get so much more out of the cultural activities if you take part in the opportunities that come your way.

Language Trips to Spain: 7 Language Programs That Immerse You in Spanish Culture

Carmen de las Cuevas Spanish and Flamenco School

language trips to spain

The Carmen de las Cuevas Spanish and Flamenco School is located in Granada, a beautiful spot that puts learners in the heart of the amazing Andalusia region. This school is well-known for both its language and dance courses.

It’s possible to enroll in either Spanish or Flamenco lessons separately. But better yet—enroll in the program that showcases both and really immerse yourself in Spanish culture!

Students have a choice of accommodations, including apartments or homestays with local families. When you aren’t studying, you can explore countless interesting local places near the school, including the legendary Alhambra!


language trips to spain

Have you ever considered combining Spanish language learning and Spanish cooking courses? If you have, Enforex has courses that will make your dreams come true!

Language and cooking courses are offered at three Enforex locations in Spain: Málaga, Barcelona and Salamanca.

Cooking courses have a minimum of three students per course. While you’re busy practicing your Spanish and learning to make tapas, you’re also treated to the chance to get to know other language and cooking lovers!

Accommodations vary according to personal preference. There are student dormitories, student apartments and rooms with host families, so there’s something for everyone.

Global Leadership Adventures

language trips to spain

Global Leadership Adventures is a volunteering program for teens. It offers programs across the globe, and each destination has a unique program.

Spain’s cultural immersion program helps teens improve their Spanish language skills. It takes place in Toledo and is a combination of language learning and volunteer activities.

There are many cultural adventures to enrich students’ experiences. There are excursions and stays in Madrid and Barcelona available as part of the trip.

Accommodations in Toledo are wildly impressive. Teens stay in a castle, El Albergue San Servando (The Castle of San Servando). It was once a monastery that housed monks and knights! When in Madrid or Barcelona, students stay in hostels.

Spanish Study Holidays

language trips to spain

Spanish Study Holidays is a language learning program that features language travel. It offers courses in many cities throughout both Spain and South America.

The company accepts students of every skill level and accommodates all ages. Courses vary in duration depending on particular learners’ needs or situations, so this program is pretty flexible!

Seville is one of the location options. Classes take place mainly in the morning so afternoons and weekends are free for exploration and cultural activities.

Accommodations vary, but some possibilities are staying with host families, sharing an apartment with other students or even staying solo in a studio apartment.

Málaga is a spectacular spot to learn Spanish and cooking at the same time through Spanish Study Holidays.

An added bonus to this deal? The Málaga school itself is near the beach! Imagine classes followed by a dip in the Mediterranean—followed by an authentic Spanish meal prepared during cooking classes.


language trips to spain

StudyTravel has programs for students of all ages. It provides language courses for families, business professionals and older learners, as well.

With 16 destinations in Spain, there’s sure to be a program to interest nearly every learner. All the major cities and some smaller towns offer language programs through StudyTravel.

Programs and cultural activities vary by location. Some spots offer primarily Spanish lessons. They encourage visitors to explore the area around the school on their own.

Other spots offer a bit more structure to the cultural activities in at their locations. In Alicante, where the school is located a short walk from the sea, students have the opportunity to take Salsa and Flamenco dance lessons, participate in cooking classes or enjoy sporting activities.

Additionally, they offer some unique locations. A prime example is Santiago de Compostela, which many recognize as the ending point of el Camino de Santiago (the Road to Santiago), a pilgrimage walk thousands have embarked upon throughout history.

Each destination has its own unique programs. There are lots of options to choose from!

Agualivar Spanish School

language trips to spain

Agualivar Spanish School is highly rated and students who have attended these courses speak glowingly of the experience.

I actually have a friend who went for their immersion homestay and loved the experience!

They accept all level of learners. Their programs vary, from business immersion to a full immersive experience. They don’t forget tourists, either, and offer one-day lessons for visitors who need just a few basic phrases to get through their adventure in Spain.

They even offer a program that teaches Spanish to residents, which is pretty unique. The school realizes that a lot of people move to the area from other countries and may not speak Spanish.

The classes for those new residents aren’t standard, either. Classes are held while dining! Breakfast & Speaking or Tea Time & Speaking are the options. And both seem designed to make foreigners feel right at home! 

The school is located in beautiful Málaga, but there are excursions for students that show off more of Spain. They make it possible for adventurous learners to experience kayaking, diving or hiking in remote canyons to otherwise-inaccessible spots.

Tandem Madrid

language trips to spain

Tandem Madrid is a Spanish school in the heart of Madrid that brings language and culture to students from across the globe.

It’s a dream destination with so much to see and do! This language trip to Spain should be on any language-loving traveler’s bucket list.

Accommodations vary but include host family options as well as student apartments.

Courses also vary. The school has programs designed to be intensive or super intensive (completely immersive and typically without any English whatsoever). These courses practically ensure that immersive students will get a solid grasp on the language even if their stay is short.

Additionally, there are courses for business, teacher training programs and exam preparation classes.

Some Spanish classes feature Spanish cuisine, wine tasting and cinema field trips (pack your walking shoes!) and discussions. The immersive experience is multi-faceted at this school!


Eat tapas—or learn to cook them!

Watch Flamenco—or try the steps for yourself!

Listen to guitar music—or learn to strum the chords with your own fingers!

Immerse yourself in Spanish culture while you learn Spanish.

Choose your trip and turn that dream into an epic adventure. Live it, don’t just dream it—and learn Spanish while you’re having fun.

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