best ipad apps for travel

Got an iPad? Then You Have 10 Amazing Travel Apps at Your Disposal

Let’s be honest: Traveling is amazing.

But the truth is that sometimes it’s stressful.

The good news is that there are ways to remove travel-related tension and travel like a pro.

Travel apps can be your on-the-road best friends and make the adventuring experience pretty hassle-free!


How Your iPad Can Be Your Travel Buddy

iPads can pack so much information into one, tiny space that takes up minimal room in your carry-on. They organize travel plans, curate information and research details—and can do all of that even before you head out to the airport.

In short, an iPad loaded with fabulous apps can do a boatload of work.

Most of us use iPads for reading, listening to music and playing games. Those are great uses for iPads, but tablets are workhorses, too. They more than pull their weight when travelers put them to the test!

They are perfect resources because they carry all the information you’ll need to plan your trip.

They can help with nearly every aspect of travel. Use your iPad to customize an itinerary, prepare and maintain a budget, translate foreign languages and compile attraction and event information. They help you have an authentic travel experience by putting all that information at your fingertips.

One of the best parts of using an iPad to boost your travel experience? They keep everything accessible—and all together in one place. You won’t have random, messy papers in your bag or lost tickets to search for.

iPads are absolutely essential travel gear!


best ipad apps for travel

A solid travel planner can make or break a trip. Using the Numbers app, it’s possible to create spreadsheets to organize every facet of your adventure.

Chart departure and arrival flights by time, date and airport. Keep track of your budget.

Compile an itinerary that can be easily manipulated. Move events from one day to another—quickly and without any fuss!

An image gallery keeps all of your photos available for viewing and sharing.

If you’re traveling with a group, share spreadsheets to coordinate meetup times and locations. And with a shared airport schedule no one should miss a flight!

This is just a great planning app that has endless travel applications. It’s basically an app for all travelers!

Travel Interpreter Phrasebook

best ipad apps for travel

Language interpretation can be an issue if your language skills aren’t much more than basic. But have no worries… this travel interpreter and phrasebook app has you covered!

This app works for 33 languages! Each language has more than 2,200 illustrated words and phrases already included on the app.

A travel interpreter function makes ordering tickets, booking accommodations, ordering meals and other necessary tasks possible. You don’t need any foreign language skills to do any of these things. Simply choose the correct category, choose the word or phrase that matches the situation and let the app do the rest.

Phrases are spoken by native speakers, so using this app is a super method for practicing pronunciation.

And a bonus of this is that the app works without any internet connection!

Google Translate

best ipad apps for travel

Google Translate is a well-known, widely used translation app. It allows users to translate between 103 languages by typing. It also works without internet service for 59 languages.

The app is very versatile. Camera translation makes understanding menus, signs and any other written material possible just by pointing your camera and taking a photo.

It translates bilingual conversations. If you aren’t up to typing, draw text to have it translated.

A phrasebook makes everyday terms, travel essentials and basic words and phrases available instantly.

XE Currency

best ipad apps for travel

Having a reliable currency conversion app when traveling is essential. It helps with tons of everyday interactions—shopping or just trying to calculate the price of admission to an event is so much easier when you can see exactly what it’s going to cost!

This currency app stores updated rates. If you’re without internet connectivity, it’s still able to give a reasonably accurate conversion.

No need to break your budget just because you aren’t sure how to calculate currency conversions!


best ipad apps for travel

TripCase makes curating trip information a breeze!

Take care of flight bookings, hotel confirmations and transportation particulars.

Find details on your airport gate and flight status, contact a car service when you land, pull up directions when you reach your destination or confirm your hotel room—all with one app!

What’s not to love about that kind of expert travel assistance?


best ipad apps for travel

TheFork app has become a wildly popular way to discover fabulous restaurants. The app provides descriptions of a huge selection of eateries—in part through millions of reviews from other foodies!

Join the app’s community of users to post a restaurant review. It’s an exceptional approach that allows travelers to bring other diners to fabulous eating experiences.

Location services pinpoint where you are and provide the closest options for dining. I love this feature because after a long day of adventuring, it’s nice to have suggestions of what’s nearby!

Hostelworld: Hostels and Hotels

best ipad apps for travel

This app puts thousands of accommodation options across the globe in one place. It makes it possible to search for a place to stay, compare prices and locations and even meet other travelers.

Backpackers find this an especially useful app. The flexibility of the app’s booking options allows travelers to find last-minute accommodations!

It provides photos of places to stay—and it also encourages traveling meetups. Their “Hostel Noticeboard” allows travelers to make plans and exchange information.

This app also translates more than 3 dozen languages, so this is an amazing app to have on your trusty iPad!


best ipad apps for travel

With the Yelp app, travelers will find restaurants, shopping, spa treatments and so much more.

It makes choosing a place to eat or an attraction for your itinerary uncomplicated. User reviews provide lots of feedback on their own experiences. With all the information at hand, deciding where to go and what to see is fun.

The app allows users to make restaurant reservations. Don’t feel like leaving the hotel? Use the app to order delivery!

In the mood for some pampering? Locate spa and beauty salons in any location.

This app helps make any neighborhood feel like home by showing users what businesses are available to cover any on-the-go need or want.

Google Maps

best ipad apps for travel

Google Maps provides excellent offline maps, but it does more than that.

Restaurant and attraction information helps travelers find a unique place to eat. Also, planning for an event is easy—all the information is on the app!

Content is fluid. The apps features new, fun restaurants and clubs so exploring interesting spots is very convenient.

This is definitely an app every traveler should download.

SnapShot Postcard

best ipad apps for travel

Sending postcards to family and friends from exciting travel spots is can be fun. Sometimes, though, finding a quality postcard or figuring out international postage makes it annoying instead of fun.

SnapShot Postcard eliminates the hassle! With this app, you are able to turn your own photos into postcards.

It’s almost too easy to do this! Take a photo, add a message and mailing address.

Then the app prints and mails your postcard. Just tap “send” and your memories are on their way.


An iPad is great resource for travelers. There are so many ways to make it your travel buddy, you’ll never want to leave home without it again.

Download these essential apps to compile and save information, capture memories and simplify traveling. That leaves more time for adventuring, which is the whole reason we want to travel in the first place!

Have the best experience ever using your iPad as a travel tool.

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