best app to learn italian for travel

Ciao, Explorers! Finding the Best App to Learn Italian For Travel Is a Snap

“I think people in Italy live their lives better than we do. It’s an older country, and they’ve learned to celebrate dinner and lunch, whereas we sort of eat as quickly as we can to get through it.” – George Clooney

Whether your plane tickets are booked, your bags are packed or you’re just considering flying off to Italy, congratulations! You’re in for the trip of a lifetime.

George Clooney has it right about his observation on the Italian approach to celebrating life.

It’s an attitude that permeates every part of daily life in Italy—and visitors rarely leave without taking a bit of that celebratory vibe with them. It’s a beautiful souvenir that’s as unique as the country itself.

But whatever the reason for your visit—adventure, employment, education or pure romanceit’s a super idea to grab some Italian language skills before heading out.

Being conversational in the language will make the experience even more meaningful. And chatting with locals? Don’t we all yearn to do that when we travel?

If you’re wondering how to learn on the fly, wonder no more. The solution is as close as your phone.

That’s right—install a language app and put a powerhouse resource right at your fingertips!

Language apps are great for travelers.

They’re mobile so you can learn anytime and anywhere—including during international flights. And if your conversational skills falter after you land, they provide translation and dictionary fixes that will get you right back on track.

Let’s check some out the best apps to learn Italian for travel!

Ciao, Explorers! Finding the Best App to Learn Italian For Travel Is a Snap


WebsiteiOS | Android

best app to learn italian for travel

FluentU teaches Italian through authentic content.

FluentU takes real-world videos—like music videos, movie trailers, news and inspiring talks—and turns them into personalized Italian language learning lessons.

These videos bring Italy to users, whatever their skill level. It’s the perfect app for pronunciation practice, vocabulary building and cultural immersion.

Through authentic videos, you’ll hear Italian spoken by natives, which will help your conversational skills.

But there’s more to this app than its entertaining content. Videos are captioned, and each word is defined.

Need more to truly understand a word? Example sentences show how to accurately make use of new vocabulary in conversations. Just click on any word to see how it’s used in real life, then apply that to your Italian chats!

The app is personalized by a learner’s usage history. That means that what you search for most frequently is what you’ll find most easily. Who doesn’t love that idea?

Access the full video library for free with a FluentU trial!

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best app to learn italian for travel

HelloTalk is a language exchange app that connects learners with native speakers via text and audio messages. It’s ideal for enhancing conversational skills, practicing listening skills and learning slang and local lingo.

A bonus of using this app? You might find a friend in Italy!

It’s a great way to get a taste of Italian culture, learn about must-see attractions and gain an insider’s view of local events.

HelloTalk’s translation feature can clear up any misunderstood words or phrases with the tap of a finger, making any traveler ready to chit-chat in Italian!

Learn Italian Phrasebook

iOS | Android

best app to learn italian for travel

Traveling with a phrasebook has never been easier!

Learn Italian Phrasebook is ideal for travelers. It covers all the essentials: common conversational phrases, tips for travelers, audio by native speakers that provides pronunciation examples and much more.

Common phrases are separated into categories so travelers can communicate effectively without struggling to find a particular topic.

Just select the topic that applies to your current situation and watch useful phrases appear. Shopping, medical issues, dining, visitor attractions, greetings and emergencies are just some of the categories available on this app. It’s a comprehensive list that covers a wide range of issues.

A wonderful feature is that users are able to curate a list of favorite phrases so they’re instantly available. If you know you’re likely to say something more than once, add it to your phrase list. It’s great to have that personalized bonus!


Website | iOS | Android

best app to learn italian for travel

Using italki an ideal way to get your conversational Italian skills on point.

It connects learners with teachers for an individualized learning experience. Also, it allows learners to pair up so you’re never at a loss for a conversation partner. It’s an excellent way to strengthen your skills while learning about Italian culture.

The app encourages learners to ask real-time questions. So if you’re in Italy and looking for an insider tip on the best restaurant or wondering how to ask for directions, chances are good that someone in this global community will be able to help!

Google Translate

Website | iOS | Android

best app to learn italian for travel

Google Translate is a solid translation app. It’s the must-have app for many language learners.

It translates text in several ways: type text, use the camera translation to translate text in images or handwrite text instead of typing it.

It even translates conversations using a microphone to pick up spoken words.

Curate a personalized phrasebook by saving translated words and phrases. This eliminates the need to translate fundamental conversational phrases more than once. It also makes it a snap to review the vocabulary you use often—and pull it into your conversational skill set!

This app works offline so if you’re in a spot without internet connection, it has you covered!

Learn Italian—50 Languages

Website | iOS | Android

best app to learn italian for travel

Learn Italian—50 Languages is beneficial to anyone who wants to improve their Italian language skills.

This app consists of audio and text lessons to quickly teach conversational Italian. It provides words and phrases that are used in ordinary, daily situations like in hotels, at the bank or on shopping excursions.

There’s a dictionary that’s useful not only for finding word definitions but for building a core vocabulary.

Lessons are downloadable for access anywhere, even in places without an internet connection. So even if you don’t have Wi-Fi access in that cute Italian cafe, you can still study Italian!

Learn Italian Phrases and Words

iOS | Android

best app to learn italian for travel

Learn Italian Phrases and Words is designed with travelers in mind!

It focuses on common words and phrases used in basic conversations. It covers topics like shopping, numbers, eating out, greetings, the weather and emergencies. It even has a section devoted to romance!

Pronunciation by a native speaker facilitates communication. It’s easier to speak when you have an idea of what you’re supposed to sound like, isn’t it?

Just repeat a phrase as you hear it—and you’re sure to get your point across to your new Italian friends!

MosaLingua Learn Italian

Website | iOS | Android 

best app to learn italian for travel

MosaLingua supports the concept that it’s possible to speak Italian proficiently without spending a huge chunk of time learning an enormous vocabulary. It showcases common words and phrases, presenting them in typical, everyday situations.

This is a good way to supplement Italian skills. Focusing on common words and phrases adds to anyone’s conversational abilities.

Grab a few phrases that you don’t typically use and add some flair to your conversations!


Website | iOS | Android 

best app to learn italian for travel

Travelers have a couple different options for how to use busuu.

For those intent on building language skills, there are lessons that power up grammar and conversational proficiency.

A translator feature clears up any potential conversational misunderstandings. It also works well to help compile detailed vocabulary lists which, of course, increase any traveler’s language skills.

The chat feature on this app is a perfect way to pick up some Italian idioms and slang. Connect with some native Italian speakers to increase conversational vocabulary in just a few chat sessions!

Also, talking with locals is a super way to meet new friends and even find a guide for your Italian holiday!


Any trip to Italy is an unforgettable, epic adventure that starts the minute you hit that international boarding gate!

Increase your conversational Italian skills to chat with locals, facilitate transportation, order food and conduct business.

These excellent apps are useful for all of those purposes! Power up your speaking skills, learn a boatload of new words and phrases and even perfect your pronunciation using Italian apps in Italy.

It’s a fabulous way to feel—and sound—like a local!   

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