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Rome If You Want to! Italy’s Top 7 Cities with Ancient Ruins


What do you think of when someone mentions Italy?

Fashion? Pizza? Gondolas?

How about ancient history?

I’ve compiled a list of places perfect for the traveler who’s either obsessed with the Roman Empire or wants to see some of …

From Novice to Pro: Must-have Travel Photography Gear


Travel photos are the best souvenirs you can bring home from a trip.

But not filtered iPhone photos uploaded to Instagram. Real photography. The kind that captures emotion, invokes that emotion in others and, if social media is your …

Pack It Up! Here’s Your Packing List for Backpacking Europe


There’s a general rule for travelers: The lighter you travel, the harder you live.

Backpacking Europe is the ultimate way to travel lightly. Touring an entire country with nothing but what you can carry on your back? You’re about …