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Wear These Multipurpose Travel Rain Jackets, Rain or Shine


Tell me if this scenario sounds familiar: You’re preparing to travel to a foreign country. A day or two before you leave, you find yourself staring at your bag, wondering what exactly you should take.

After gazing at …

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Laptop for a Digital Nomad

best laptop digital nomad

The digital nomad revolution has been knocking on our doors for a while.

Every day we see articles and blog posts about people who fulfill their wanderlust traveling the world while working remotely.

Be it from a cafe in

Make Your Journey Epic with These 6 Cool Backpacking Gadgets

cool backpacking gadgets

Feeling overwhelmed about your upcoming backpacking trip?

The first time I went backpacking, I was in over my head. It took years before the process became easier! There’s just so much information out there—thousands of forums with opinions and …

Figurati! The No-stress Guide for What to Pack for Italy

what to pack for italy

I grew up listening to my grandmother speak Italian and tasting countless Italian recipes every time I went to her house.

Those visits obviously had a huge impact on my life. I recently moved to Sicily, in the south …

The Best Carry-on Backpacks for International Travel: From Urban to Adventure Bags

best carry on backpack for international travel

There’s something about traveling with only a carry-on bag that makes me feel invincible.

Everything’s right next to me during the flight. All I have to do is get off the plane and head straight out of the airport or …

Pack Up Your Troubles! Find Out What Travel Gear Luggage You Need

travel gear luggage

Let’s say you’re heading to Mexico to spend a few days camping on the Caribbean coast, then going to Mexico City.

The few days by the beach will be filled with sunshine and relaxation. But in Mexico City, you’ll …