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Go Pro with These 5 Amazing Travel Photography Workshops

travel photography workshops

“An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching,” Mahatma Gandhi once said.

Are you passionate about travel? Can you not even imagine heading to a destination without a camera around your neck? Then it’s time to take

7 Apps to Meet Travelers: Make Friends Around the World


Is there anything more freeing or empowering than traveling alone to a new place?

You can do whatever you want… whenever you want.

Maybe you’ll wander around the streets just because you find them interesting. Or you’ll spend hours …

Planes, Trains and Automobiles: The 22 Best Travel Apps for Europe

best travel apps for europe 2

Before I head to the airport, I always triple check that my phone is working and fully charged.

But to be honest… I’m just as obsessive about my phone being charged before I go to the supermarket or walk my …

Wear These Multipurpose Travel Rain Jackets, Rain or Shine


Tell me if this scenario sounds familiar: You’re preparing to travel to a foreign country. A day or two before you leave, you find yourself staring at your bag, wondering what exactly you should take.

After gazing at …

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Laptop for a Digital Nomad

best laptop digital nomad

The digital nomad revolution has been knocking on our doors for a while.

Every day we see articles and blog posts about people who fulfill their wanderlust traveling the world while working remotely.

Be it from a cafe in

Undiscovered Europe: The 6 Most Beautiful Places in Eastern Europe


When we talk about Europe, most of us have the same pictures in our heads.

The Eiffel Tower in Paris. The Colosseum in Rome. Big Ben in London.

But Europe is so much more than its most

Make Your Journey Epic with These 6 Cool Backpacking Gadgets

cool backpacking gadgets

Feeling overwhelmed about your upcoming backpacking trip?

The first time I went backpacking, I was in over my head. It took years before the process became easier! There’s just so much information out there—thousands of forums with opinions and …