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What Are Phrasal Verbs? The Introduction to 30 Useful Ones for the TOEFL


What you can do to improve your vocabulary for the TOEFL exam?

Link your known vocabulary together in a strong chain.

In other words, you can learn some phrasal verbs!

Phrasal verbs are formed by linking one verb to …

Study Smart: 8 Grammar Rules Every TOEFL Test Taker Should Know


Have you been wondering what you can do to raise your TOEFL score?

There’s one element that will help you improve your performance in all four parts of the examgrammar.

That’s right! Even if the TOEFL exam …

Shortcut to a High Score: 30 Essential Words to Know for the TOEFL Test

essential words for the toefl

Would you pack all of your clothes for a weekend trip to the beach in summer?

Of course not.

That’d be silly, because you’d only need three days of summer clothes.

Similarly, you don’t need to learn every single English …