Spanish Grammar Rules: 7 Tricky Topics and How to Overcome Them

spanish grammar rules

Does Spanish grammar make you sweat?

Have you ever purposefully stayed away from using the word “for,” just to avoid choosing between por and para?

Or driven yourself crazy mixing up ser and estar?

I know how you …

The Complete Guide to Instant Spanish Immersion

the complete guide to instant spanish immersion

Learning Spanish is an exciting endeavor that can change your life by exposing you to new cultures, people and places. Furthermore, speaking Spanish undeniably opens an array of new doors for you in terms of employment.

But in order to …

20 False Spanish Cognates That Could Get You in Trouble

20 false spanish cognates trouble

Once upon a time, I told my Spanish roommates that American food is full of condoms.

Was it totally embarrassing? Yes. Did I learn from it? Oh, you bet I did.

When learning a foreign language, making a fool of …

Top 5 Easy-to-read Spanish Books for Spanish Learners

top 5 easy-to-read spanish books for spanish learners

Know that feeling of satisfaction when you finally begin a conversation in Spanish?

Have you experienced the pleasure of understanding movies or songs in Spanish?

Or do you finally understand who’s dating who in the dramatic world of telenovelas

Spanish Homophones: 5 Common Mix-ups and How to Tackle Them

spanish homophones

Most world languages have some pesky homophones—words that sound the same but mean different things.

Some languages do this more than others, of course.

Spanish is a pretty big offender, even mixing up its native speakers with trickier sounds!

As …

7 Spanish Dictionary Apps for Your Smartphone That Are Hella Handy

7 spanish dictionary apps for your smartphone that are hella handy

The moment you realize you need a dictionary, it’s already too late.

Kind of like with toilet paper or a plunger.

Dictionaries are extremely important learning tools, but they’re often neglected by modern Spanish learners.

You’ve already got access …

8 Tips to Practice Spanish Conversation Like a Rock Star

8 tips to practice spanish conversation like a rock star

Have you found a Spanish conversation partner in town?

Are you chatting with someone online from the comfort of your own home?

Or maybe you’re still a bit intimidated of talking with a native speaker, and haven’t set something up …