The Quick and Easy Guide to Spanish Future Tenses

spanish future tense

So you can talk about the present in Spanish, you’ve finally got your head around the past tenses too, there’s only way forward…

The future!

But hang on, didn’t you already learn about the future once upon a time? …

How to Perfect Your Pronunciation with Spanish Tongue Twisters

spanish tongue twisters

Having problems pronouncing a particular Spanish sound?

No matter how hard you try, it just keeps coming out wrong.

I know the feeling.

When I was a kid, I couldn’t say the letter r at all. It came out like …

4 Common SNAFUs for Intermediate Spanish Learners and How to Overcome Them

intermediate Spanish

Situation Normal: All Fouled Up.

Intermediate Spanish learners are no strangers to the idea of SNAFU.

You’ve learned enough Spanish that you can get really involved in authentic Spanish materials.

Like, you can get completely

5 Important Spanish Grammar Lessons Every Beginner Oughta Know

spanish grammar lessons


Buenos Días.

Buenas Noches.


Can you still remember when you learned your very first set of Spanish words?

You might have taken a class, listened to a podcast or downloaded an app, and it was exhilarating, right?…

6 Spanish Authors Who’ll Make You See Latin America in a Whole New Way

Spanish authors

Want to immerse yourself in Spanish language and culture from home?

Literature gives you experience viewing the world through other people’s eyes.

You’ll come to understand life through another culture’s lens.

This is something I wished I’d done before living

Do You Know the 8 Differences Between Castilian and Latin American Spanish?

different types of spanish

Location, Location, Location.

It’s the mantra of real estate agents worldwide.

It also makes a difference in the type of Spanish you’ll learn.

Do you ever worry that the Spanish you learn in one country might not be understood in …

Jump for Joy: 6 Fantastic Free Spanish Lessons for Newbies

free spanish lessons

Janet Jackson wasn’t wrong when she sang “The Best Things in Life Are Free.”

And although she might have been singing about romance with the lovely Luther Vandros, the same rule applies to free Spanish lessons.

The internet is literally …