8 Simple Rules to Master the Plural in Spanish

spanish plural

Can you tell the difference between the following words in bold?

.    One Spanish movie → Seven Spanish movies

If you said that the first noun is singular and the second is plural, you’re right! We add an “s” to …

Spanish Restaurant Vocabulary: 89 Words and Phrases You Should Know

spanish restaurant vocabulary 89 words phrases

Who doesn’t love to eat?

What’s more important? Your waistline or your happiness?

Explore delicious local foods while abroad – you won’t be sorry!

Spending time at restaurants can really factor into your cultural immersion and Spanish language learning experience.…

A Quick Guide to Learning Spanish with Comics

comical learn Spanish fast

Tools, tools, tools.

The more tools you try for learning Spanish, the more likely you are to come across the ones that will help you progress faster, your way.

And it’s these such tools that will help you achieve the …

The Complete Guide to Spanish Accent Marks

spanish accent marks

There it was, a big red strike through my handwritten el exámen” on my Spanish vocab test.

As a visual learner, I clearly remembered having seen that word with an accent mark before, I just knew it. Ah, …

4 Great Tips to Learn Spanish with Tumblr


Yeah, Tumblr is pretty hip. It’s so hip it doesn’t even need the letter “e.”

The logo that greets you on its uber-posh minimalist homepage is all lowercase—the hallmark of true casual coolness—and is even so bold and fresh …

Teach Yourself Spanish: 10 Tips to Get You Started

tips teach yourself spanish

After four years of high school French, I was able to describe my neighbor as a communist, watermelon…

…and little else.

So when I decided to learn Spanish, I took a different approach.

I made up my mind to steer …

How to Learn Spanish with Pinterest

learn spanish pinterest

Do you want to immerse yourself in Spanish to learn at a faster pace?

Are you a visual learner?

Then in addition to Reddit, memes and Twitter, an absolutely fantastic tool for enhancing your Spanish skills is Pinterest.…