How to Learn Spanish by Yourself in 13 Simple Steps

how to learn spanish by yourself in 8 simple steps

Whenever anyone says, “Wow! Your Spanish is so good! How did you learn?” I always say, “I taught myself.”

Sure, I made sure that I had Spanish natives to talk to, picking their brains about grammar, vocabulary and local

12 Terrific Ways to Practice Your Spanish Listening Skills

Nice Music

You’re listening to two native Spanish-speaking friends chit chat.

They were talking about some new restaurant just a minute ago, but now they’ve changed topic and you’re completely lost.

The speed isn’t helping either, and they show no signs of …

The Beginner’s Guide to Chilean Slang

chilean slang words and phrases

So, you’ve been through many years of academic drudgery.

You’ve parroted your teachers’ vocabulary.

You’ve dressed up as Don Quijote (or Sancho, depending on your luck) to “practice” (or reach new heights of cringe-worthy embarrassment).

And you’ve put your …

Beyond the Textbook: 5 Fun Ways to Learn Spanish

5 fun ways to learn spanish

No one said that learning a language had to be a chore.

Granted, memorizing Spanish gender rules, accent mark placement and vocabulary may not be a walk in the park.

You may still rather spend a week sipping drinks

6 Fun and Efficient Ways to Learn Spanish in Your Car

5 tips for studying spanish in the car

Our lives can be busy, busy, busy.

Having limited time forces you to shift your priorities, and the inevitable happens.

Language learning takes the backseat.

Now it’s time to shift your Spanish language learning into high gear. 

If you’ve already …

20 Surprising Spanish-English False Friends Everyone Falls For

spanish english false friends cognates

If you keep your friends close and enemies closer – what do you do about false friends?

If not identified, false friends will lead you to believe they are your allies.

In reality, they are lying. They are two-faced.

They …

Spanish Food Vocabulary: 83 Delicious Cooking Terms for the Kitchen

spanish food vocabulary 83 cooking terms kitchen

Food is the heart of culture.

Rituals, events, and family dynamics are centered around food.

We grow closer to family and friends by choosing ingredients, cooking meals, and sitting down to meals together.

As Spanish language learners, we grow closer