7 Spanish Dictionary Apps for Your Smartphone That Are Hella Handy

7 spanish dictionary apps for your smartphone that are hella handy

The moment you realize you need a dictionary, it’s already too late.

Kind of like with toilet paper or a plunger.

Dictionaries are extremely important learning tools, but they’re often neglected by modern Spanish learners.

You’ve already got access …

8 Tips to Practice Spanish Conversation Like a Rock Star

8 tips to practice spanish conversation like a rock star

Have you found a Spanish conversation partner in town?

Are you chatting with someone online from the comfort of your own home?

Or maybe you’re still a bit intimidated of talking with a native speaker, and haven’t set something up …

The Ser vs. Estar Question: To Be or to Be?

the ser vs. estar question

To be or to be?

While the phrase doesn’t have quite the same ring to it as Hamlet’s famous words, it’s a question you might find yourself asking when faced with two Spanish verbs that both mean “to be”: ser

How to Improve Your Pronunciation Through Spanish Tongue Twisters

improve your pronunciation through spanish tongue twisters

Tongue twisters are just for kids, right?

Wrong. Tongue twisters, or trabalenguas, are an excellent tool to improve your Spanish pronunciation.

You’ve mastered Spanish gender, improved your listening and are able to start a conversation naturally.

Your pronunciation

The Essential Guide to Speaking Spanish Like a True Argentine

learn argentine slang like a boss the quick guide

For whatever reason, maybe after watching Evita or tasting your first empanada (meat-filled pastry), you’ve decided to take on Argentine Spanish.

Congratulations: You’re about to adopt one of the most peculiar Spanish accents and vocabulary in the book.

So …

Let’s Get Dramatic: How to Learn Spanish with Telenovelas

how to learn spanish with telenovelas

Spanish is a passionate language.

Even more so when dramatically flung around by lead personalities in telenovelas.

Their conversations revolve around long-lost evil twins, unexpected pregnancies, murder, betrayal and providing well-timed comedic relief.

Deceased characters return from the dead so …

Mastering the Spanish Present Tense: A Beginner’s Guide

mastering the spanish present tense a beginner's guide

So you’ve got your head around the rules of gender.

You can notice improvement in your Spanish listening and conversation skills.

Plus you’ve even been watching plenty of Spanish movies!

But something’s missing—your grammar is a mess.…