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Learn Spanish with 5 Websites and Fast-forward to Fluency

It’s never too late to learn.

This saying is wise, especially when we’re talking about languages.

Are you looking to learn Spanish? Sooner rather than later? Like, maybe yesterday?

We can’t reclaim yesterday but it’s not hard to get on the right track to language learning today. There are lots of excellent resources online that can have you speaking Spanish in no time.

Speaking of time, maybe you’re put off by the time it might take to wade through all the Spanish language learning websites available online. Can’t blame you for wondering about that—there are so many!

But have no worries—we’ve got you covered!

The legwork is done. The best Spanish learning websites are here for your investigation and consideration.

Each has the potential to get you started—or intensify your skills if you’re already on the Spanish path to fluency—so let’s check them out.

Then, all you’ll have to do is choose one (or all five) and get started!

What to Look for in a Spanish Learning Website

When you’re deciding which website to call home, there are a few points to consider.

  • Look for a resource designed for navigational ease. You don’t want to waste valuable learning time trying to find what you’re working on.
  • There should be plenty of interactive material, interesting and dynamic content and levels to work toward. You want to be able to make—and see—progress.
  • All areas of learning should be covered. There should be options for solid listening, writing, reading and speaking practice.

You can find one or more websites that check off all these boxes and complement each other for a full learning routine.

It’s also generally accepted that immersion is a fast-track to language acquisition. Unfortunately, not everyone can just grab a passport, pack a bag and head to an enchanting destination where everyone speaks Spanish.

Some of these websites designed for learning Spanish bring immersive features to their programs. For a personal immersion program online, look for authentic content, native speakers and/or cultural insights. These all make language learning interesting and fun—and if something’s fun, it’s sure to keep your attention!

Learn Spanish with 5 Websites That Make the Process Fun, Fast and Easy


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Alison is a site that offers free online courses on a number of topics. Fortunately, that includes Spanish language courses!

There are two basic courses available, so this is a great place for absolute beginners to dip a toe into the Spanish language pool.

The courses are divided into modules. Each module presents a topic and at the end of each module, the lessons are summarized.

The first course, “Basic Spanish and Dining Out,” teaches the skills necessary for everyday conversations, including colors, restaurant dining, getting directions and some fundamental health topics. For a beginning learner, these topics provide necessary vocabulary and a foundation for further learning.

The second course, called “Introduction to Basic Spanish,” is structured the same way. The first module of this course introduces elementary topics like counting, days of the week and greetings. There’s also a lesson on typing in Spanish in this first module! That’s a great skill to become familiar with.

All in all, while this site isn’t intended for intermediate or advanced learners, it does a great job of laying a foundation for beginning learners to build upon.


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FluentU is a fabulous example of a website that delivers dynamic, entertaining content that can take learners from beginner to fluent.

The site brings immersion to learners! No need to leave the country to immerse in the Spanish language and culture.

FluentU takes authentic videos—like music videos, movie trailers, news and inspiring talks—and turns them into personalized language learning lessons.

You can try FluentU for free for 2 weeks. Click here to check out the website or download the iOS app or Android app.

  FluentU Ad

The material is relevant, entertaining and informative, and you get a chance to hear the language as it’s actually used by native Spanish speakers.

Accurate captions are provided in Spanish and English (both of which you can turn on and off at will) and you can immediately demystify any new vocabulary in the captions thanks to example sentences and definitions. Comprehension is increased in this way since there’s no need to “miss” words; just click on the unfamiliar word. Instant understanding!

You can add any word to a vocabulary list, read full transcripts and test your understanding and progress with adaptive quizzes.

Native speakers, information from across the globe, dynamic content—FluentU is a great program for any level Spanish learner. You can use it online in your browser or download the app for iOS or Android to take your learning on the go.

Innovative Language

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Innovative Language hits all the marks on the must-have list for Spanish learners. There’s literally something for everyone. This Spanish learning website is beneficial for all level of learners, even absolute beginners.

A neat feature of this site is their dashboard that keeps track of progress. The smart learning system is great for maintaining motivation—seeing growth is a super method for encouraging learners!

The program is designed to get learners speaking right from the very first lesson and there are new audio and video lessons added every week.

And since native speakers teach the course, modeling pronunciation is a snap!

With an online community, e-books available for download, word-of-the-day feature and podcasts, there are lots of features that enrich this Spanish learning website.

Mango Languages

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Mango Languages is a self-paced course that uses algorithms to individually tailor learning material for each learner.

Lessons are a blend of listening and reading activities. Each lesson indicates the number of words to be learned, as well as an accounting of unique and new vocabulary. Not sure of a word’s meaning? Highlight it to reveal a definition!

Memory-building exercises, grammar notes and critical-thinking activities all help learners build strong language skills. There’s also a review element to this program so progress can be easily monitored.

Mango Languages teaches through exposure: It shows grammar rules in action rather than presenting them as rules to be memorized, so your learning is natural and builds on itself organically.

Cultural notes enhance the experience and provide idioms and insights that make the language come alive.

The focus with the Mango Languages program is on conversational mastery so if travel plans are on your horizon, this is a great way to prepare for that!


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ProfeDeELE is a fabulous spot for Spanish learning, full of diverse content.

All learning levels, from A1 to C2, are covered and materials are separated to conform with those levels as laid out in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). This makes it very simple for learners who want to attain proficiency at a given level to go straight to the corresponding and appropriate coursework for each level. Cambridge English has a handy chart that explains the particulars of each level if you’re not sure where you fall on that spectrum.

Materials available on this site include songs, podcasts, lectures and videos, all of which provide an assortment of listening practice opportunities.

Cultural activities are part of the program, as well, and there are quizzes to help learners keep track of how their language learning is progressing.

ProfeDeELE is a snap to navigate. Since content is separated by levels, it’s easy to progress from one to another. This makes it a comprehensive option for learners, especially those who appreciate a clear-cut method for starting from beginner and moving onward.

A bonus? The search feature makes locating specific topics super simple.

It’s also a helpful resource for Spanish teachers who might be searching for activities to enhance their curriculum!


With so many diverse options available, it’s a safe bet that any learner will find a Spanish learning website to suit their taste and need. Choose from basic to advanced learning levels—and have fun while building Spanish skills!

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