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Do You Know the 8 Differences Between Castilian and Latin American Spanish?

different types of spanish

Location, Location, Location.

It’s the mantra of real estate agents worldwide.

It also makes a difference in the type of Spanish you’ll learn.

Do you ever worry that the Spanish you learn in one country might not be understood in …

All the Spanish Text Message Slang You’ll Need to Send Gr8 Texts 2 Ur BFF

Spanish text message slang

hla amig@s 

Can’t understand your Spanish friends’ Facebook statuses?

Are you having trouble compressing what you want to say into 140 Spanish characters on Twitter?

Learning to read and write in Spanish isn’t as easy as it used to …

48 Smokin’ Phrases for Amazingly Advanced Spanish Conversation

advanced spanish conversation

Tired of having the same old “getting to know you” chats?

Already know the basics of Spanish conversation?

Then it might be time to step things up a notch.

If you’re already able to comfortably chat away about where …

10 Red Hot Advanced Verbs to Spice Up Your Spanish

10 red hot advanced verbs to spice Up your spanish

When was the last time you saw “verb” and “spice up” in the same sentence?

I know, I know.

Can one little verb really spice up your Spanish?

While we’ll try to avoid setting your whole mouth aflame, we …

The No-sweat Guide to Learning the Spanish Passive Voice

no-sweat guide to learning the spanish passive voice

Oh, the passive voice!

The very thought of having to learn something that already sounds difficult in English appears horrifying, doesn’t it?

You think of all those times when you tried to avoid using it in your own language just …

Preterite and Imperfect: The Champion’s Guide to the Star Tenses of Spanish Past

preterite and imperfect champion's guide to the star tenses of spanish past

Without realizing it, I bet you’ve told several shocking lies while learning Spanish.

Lies through which you’ve effectively killed off a couple of people.

I can imagine you right now, thinking, “Say what? Hold on, Franko. What are you saying? …

The Ultimate Guide to Spanish Conditionals

the ultimate guide to spanish conditionals

If you had a bright bundle of balloons on a perfect summer’s day, would your smile be as big as hers?

I know mine would.

If I asked you to, could you ask that same opening question in Spanish—or do …