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Thi Theñor: The Spanish Lisp and Its Use


In my Spanish classes in the U.S., we never dealt much with European Spanish.

I have distinct memories of students asking what vosotros meant, and teachers responding: “Oh, you don’t have to worry about that!”

So when I …

How and When to Use the Past Progressive in Spanish


The plaintiff approached the defendant and asked: “What where you doing on the night of the murder?”

The defendant, nervous, answered: “I was having dinner with my girlfriend. When the phone rang, I was telling her how much

14 Expressions with Tener That Go Beyond “to Have”


You probably know the word “tener” means “to have.”

But why does “tengo hambre” mean “I’m hungry”?

If you’ve ever struggled to understand this, then you already know that tener is a little more complicated than it looks.

It’s a …

Unlock These 6 Keys to Native-sounding Paraguayan Spanish


It’s hard to be in the middle!

Sitting right in the middle of South America is a landlocked republic that doesn’t always get the attention it deserves from Spanish learners.

When planning a trip or choosing a regional Spanish to

The Complete User’s Guide to Volver A: How to Master the Phrase


One of the first Spanish-language musicians I started listening to was Juanes.

This was largely due to the fact that my high school Spanish teacher was a passionate Juanes fan. She frequently had us listen to and translate Juanes …

The Grammar Guide to Spanish Colors: Speak the Rainbow!


Did you know that color is just an illusion?

No, I have not gone crazy. The truth is that color does not really exist!

Color is just the way our brains try to make sense of light.

Imagine a …

Small but Mighty: The 4 Spanish Indefinite Articles and How to Wield ‘Em Right


Did you know the word “a” is the fifth most commonly used word in English?

You are probably not surprised.

It is hard to get through a sentence without using it.

“A” is called an indefinite article in English, …