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60 Spanish Transportation Vocabulary Terms to Send You Full Throttle Towards Fluency


A few decades ago it would take you around five days to travel from Spain to Russia.

From London to South America? A month and a half!

Fast-forward to the present and you are able to cross Europe in …

Know Another “You:” How to Use the Voseo in Spanish


How many ways to say “you” can there be?!

You probably already know that Spanish has an informal and a formal “you.” For English speakers, it can take some time to get comfortable saying “you” in these two different ways.…

10 Key Ingredients in the Salvadoran Spanish Mix


What do salvis and guanacos have in common?

I’ll give you a hint.

They all come from one small, explosive country known as the “land of volcanoes.”

That’s right. They are words that Salvadorans use to refer to themselves.

Tucked …

Vamos! 20 Spanish Dog Commands to Teach Your Pupper


I adopted my dog in Ecuador.

He’s a weirdly large and muscular chihuahua named Frodo.

Fifteen pounds of fury, baby.

He’s also a smart, bilingual pup who knows his commands in Spanish and English.

Through the process of training …

All Aboard! Important Vocabulary for Spanish Train Travel


I’ve always found train travel to be a delight.

Whether I’m rolling along the Costa Brava on a small cercanías (local suburban train) and gazing at the waves, or hurtling between the cosmopolitan heartthrobs Barcelona and Madrid on an AVE

Spanish Conversation Topics: 7 Ways to Break the Ice


“What’s your name?”

“How are you?”

“Where are you from?”

Conversation exchanges are a great way to practice speaking Spanish.

But sometimes, especially in a group setting, you might find yourself repeating the same basic information over and over: …

Spanish Sports Vocabulary: 66 Words and Phrases Every Athlete Needs to Know


When it comes to sports, the Spanish-speaking world is truly in a league of its own.

Spain and Latin America are famous worldwide for their legendary soccer teams.

Spanish speakers also dominate in a variety of other sports, ranging …