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Insects in Spanish: 70+ Words to Buzz up Your Vocabulary

insects in spanish

Do you know that the first insects lived over 400 million years ago? That’s 400 millones de años (400 million years) in Spanish! That’s amazing, isn’t it—in either language!

Considering they’ve been around a whole lot longer than we …

Where Are You From? 51 Nationalities in Spanish and Some Tips for Talking About Them

nationalities in spanish

In today’s world, it’s almost impossible to not meet someone of a different nationality.

And if we trace back our own roots, we all seem to have a little bit of a mix inside of us!

But while we might …

Furniture in Spanish: 50+ Must-know Words for Your Next Trip to Spain and IKEA

furniture in spanish

What’s something you think a lot about every day?

Your answer probably sounds something like, “my job,” “my family” or “what I’m going to eat for lunch.”

But I doubt “furniture” made it on your list.

Furniture might not be

Dude, Where’s My Car Parts in Spanish?

car parts in spanish

It’s official. You are going to Mexico on vacation!

Or maybe you have found your dream job and are moving to Argentina.

Oh, I know; you are attending a conference in Puerto Rico, aren’t you?

Whatever the reason, …

50 Spanish Words About School to Jump-start Your Learning


I love school. There, I’ve said it.

And, I’m not kidding. I love school a whole lot!

And the truth is, so do a lot of people.

School is exciting. It’s particularly exciting if we’re talking about school in Spanish—or …

60 Spanish Art Words for a Colorful Vocabulary

spanish art words

Art soothes the senses, offers peace in troubled times and challenges us to see the world through the eyes of another.

If you’re like most of us, you appreciate art in some form.

Painting, sculpture, photography, sketching—there’s so much diversity …

Must-know Spanish “Star Wars” Vocabulary for Becoming a Language Jedi

spanish star wars

“Yo soy tu padre.” (I am your father.)

Be honest. Did you read that in Darth Vader’s voice?

I know I did!

Okay, now that we’re close, confiding friends, tell me—are you a true Star Wars fan? Have you ever …