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Thumbs Up for Body Parts in Spanish: 20 Useful Terms to Know


“I have my eye on you.”

“You really have a green thumb.

“Put your back into it.”

Notice something?

That’s right: All the common sayings above mention body parts.

English isn’t the only language that does this! Spanish also …

Spanish Vacation Vocabulary Extravaganza! 71+ Spanish Words to Use on the Go


So you have decided to travel to a Spanish-speaking country.

Your luggage is ready, your passport is up-to-date, your trip has been booked…

It is time to go!

But what about your Spanish vocabulary? Are you ready to have …

The Ultimate Guide to Spanish Demonstrative Pronouns


What if I told you there is a word in Spanish that can mean everything and anything?

Would you believe me if I also told you it is one of the most used Spanish words?

And better yet… what would …

Thi Theñor: The Spanish Lisp and Its Use


In my Spanish classes in the U.S., we never dealt much with European Spanish.

I have distinct memories of students asking what vosotros meant, and teachers responding: “Oh, you don’t have to worry about that!”

So when I …

How and When to Use the Past Progressive in Spanish


The plaintiff approached the defendant and asked: “What where you doing on the night of the murder?”

The defendant, nervous, answered: “I was having dinner with my girlfriend. When the phone rang, I was telling her how much

14 Expressions with Tener That Go Beyond “to Have”


You probably know the word “tener” means “to have.”

But why does “tengo hambre” mean “I’m hungry”?

If you’ve ever struggled to understand this, then you already know that tener is a little more complicated than it looks.

It’s a …

Unlock These 6 Keys to Native-sounding Paraguayan Spanish


It’s hard to be in the middle!

Sitting right in the middle of South America is a landlocked republic that doesn’t always get the attention it deserves from Spanish learners.

When planning a trip or choosing a regional Spanish to