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Top 5 Spanish TV Shows That Will Let You Learn Spanish on Your Couch

top 5 spanish tv shows available online now

You can improve your Spanish language skills just by sitting on the couch.

It’s true!

You may have heard to this method referred to as “the American way.”

If you thought learning Spanish had to be difficult, you’re in for

7 Effective Tips to Gain Spanish Superpowers with Skype


Want to speak better Spanish?

Too shy to go to a big Spanish conversation table? Or is the timing and/or location inconvenient for you?

Or maybe there aren’t even any Spanish language events near you!

Not to worry!

What …

Top 5 Easy-to-read Spanish Books for Spanish Learners

top 5 easy-to-read spanish books for spanish learners

Know that feeling of satisfaction when you finally begin a conversation in Spanish?

Have you experienced the pleasure of understanding movies or songs in Spanish?

Or do you finally understand who’s dating who in the dramatic world of telenovelas

7 Spanish Dictionary Apps for Your Smartphone That Are Hella Handy

7 spanish dictionary apps for your smartphone that are hella handy

The moment you realize you need a dictionary, it’s already too late.

Kind of like with toilet paper or a plunger.

Dictionaries are extremely important learning tools, but they’re often neglected by modern Spanish learners.

You’ve already got access …

Let’s Get Dramatic: How to Learn Spanish with Telenovelas

how to learn spanish with telenovelas

Spanish is a passionate language.

Even more so when dramatically flung around by lead personalities in telenovelas.

Their conversations revolve around long-lost evil twins, unexpected pregnancies, murder, betrayal and providing well-timed comedic relief.

Deceased characters return from the dead so …

How to Learn Spanish with Facebook

learn spanish facebook

665 million are engaged in a daily flurry of friending, liking, tagging, updating statuses and uploading photos.

The billions of likes registered by Facebook every day don’t lie.

The people love Facebook and have welcomed it into their homes, computers, …

A Quick Guide to Learning Spanish with Comics

comical learn Spanish fast

Tools, tools, tools.

The more tools you try for learning Spanish, the more likely you are to come across the ones that will help you progress faster, your way.

And it’s these such tools that will help you achieve the …