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4 Spanish Readers That’ll Make Your Reading Skills Soar

Spanish readers

I’m sure you’ve heard this before:

Reading is a vital part of any language.

But you’ve heard it so much because it’s absolutely true.

If you travel, you’ll want to be able to read a map or directions in …

Get a Taste of Advanced Spanish with 10 Free Online Courses

advanced spanish courses

What’s something that gets you seriously excited?

What topic puts a gleam in your eyes when someone starts talking about it?

Think about that topic as we move forward.

That interest or passion of yours has a unique power.

It …

The 8 Best Spanish Immersion Software Programs to Learn Like a Native

spanish immersion software

How is it that some people can switch from one language to another so easily?

Did their parents force them to learn another language when they were kids?

We’ve all met them: “I speak just the five languages. Well, six …

5 Kids’ Videos That Will Definitely Teach You Spanish

spanish videos for kids

Want a way to watch videos for entertainment and Spanish learning?

Can’t quite understand Spanish telenovelas?

Confused by Spanish movies and TV?

Spanish videos for kids could be just the thing for you.

You don’t have to be

How to Learn Spanish with Free, High-quality Magazines

learn Spanish with magazines

Picking up a magazine for Spanish study may never have crossed your mind.

Unless you live in a Spanish-speaking country, they’re not in plain sight.

Even if they were—who are you, the Queen of England?

I mean, who has extra …

27 Awesome Resources for Advanced Spanish Lessons Online

advanced spanish lessons online

You’re ready to advance.

You’ve hatched from your Spanish shell and you’re ready to take on the world.

You may have gotten to advanced Spanish by studying on your own, learning while abroad—or maybe your online Spanish course

6 Best Sources for Learning Spanish Through News Videos

Spanish news videos

When it comes to learning Spanish, you’re holding the remote control.

You control which channel to watch.

Ever find yourself flipping along faster when you get to Spanish newscasts?

You’re thinking, “Ugh, this all sounds Greek to me.”

I mean, …