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Want to Learn Spanish in Colombia? 4 Local Immersion Programs You Should Know


Want to see some pink dolphins?

How about bike around one of the world’s biggest bicycle routes?

Or swim in a liquid rainbow?

You can do it all in Colombia.

Like practically any country you visit, Colombia …

Learn Spanish Grammar in Record Time with These 9 Online Resources


The internet sure gets a bad rap these days.

It seems like it’s known more as a place to trade insults and watch cat videos than as a valuable learning tool and storehouse of human knowledge (that you can use …

How to Learn Spanish for Free with a Kindle or Kindle App


I love things that are free—or practically free.

You know what I’m talking about. It just feels good to get things without having to fork over some hard-earned dinero (money), doesn’t it?

So free music, free books, free language learning? …

Literary Learning: 12 Top Tools for Spanish Reading Practice


One of my favorite ways to learn Spanish is to sit down and relax with a great Spanish novel or magazine.

The Spanish language has some incredible and enjoyable texts for learners to sink their teeth into.

Plus, reading …

The Adult Guide to Learning Spanish Abroad in 6 Cool Destinations


Thinking of taking the leap and going abroad to learn Spanish?

Maybe you’re tired of the same old learning routine.

Maybe you’re thinking of getting that passport a few new stamps.

Or maybe you’re just craving adventure and …

Learn the Best of Spanish Slang with These 9 Dictionaries


Does your Spanish vocabulary not quite fit your lifestyle?

Are the words and phrases you’ve learned too drab, formal and colorless for you?

Regardless of what kind of job you have, how you dress or where you’re from, we’re willing …

Beyond Books: Learn Spanish and Pop Culture with These 7 Popular Magazines


You probably know reading is essential to learning a foreign language. But do you know exactly what you want to read?

Some people don’t. Spanish learners show up at their local library, eagerly pick out a book from the Spanish …