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Listen and Learn: 6 Online Resources for Watching Spanish News Live


This just in! 

Clever Spanish students are using an innovative technique to master their language skills and stay abreast of what’s happening in the world.

Okay, so maybe that won’t pop up on the scroll bar of your favorite 24-hour …

The Key to Faster Spanish Learning: Start Sentence Mining!


A new shortcut often counts as an awesome find.

Getting where you’re going faster, with no extra effort?

No downside there!

As long as they don’t involve walking through a sketchy part of the woods, shortcuts are a pretty

Do a Happy Dance: Learn the Spanish Flamenco and Language with 6 Immersion Programs


“We are a very typical Spanish family—a bullfighter, an actress, a flamenco dancer and singer!” — Paz Vega

Do you dream of waking up somewhere gorgeous?

Taking in the sights and sounds of Spain?

Feeling like you’re part of …

Level Up Your Spanish Skills: The 6 Best Video Games for Learning Spanish


Do your hands feel empty unless they’re holding a game controller?

Or maybe you’re just dying to try out the whole gaming scene but not sure where to start.

Either way, there’s an epic adventurer in you.

And we’ve …

How to Learn Spanish with Roku: 10 Channels That Are Language Gems


22 million Americans have cut the cord.

No more cable TV.

People are ditching cable at rapid rates while streaming TV services become more and more popular.

If you’re one of those people, you might already have a streaming device …

Kindle Spanish-English Dictionaries: 6 Tools for Smooth Reading


Feel like you’re sinking in a sea of incomprehension?

Specifically when you try to read books that may be a bit above your level in Spanish?

Let’s say you’ve found a great novel in Spanish you definitely want to read.…

6 Heavy-hitting Spanish Translators to Download for Daily Use


The scene: A swanky hotel gym in Madrid.

Later, you’ll be downing a gin tonic (they drop the “and” here!) at a trendy tapas bar on the Gran Vía, so sweating on the treadmill beforehand is a great option.

Suddenly, …