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7 Industry-specific Books to Learn Spanish for Work


You can only cram so much vocabulary into your cranium.

Language savants might be able to sit down and memorize the entire Spanish dictionary, but us mere mortals learn better when lessons are structured around a common theme.

One …

5 Spanish Language Training Programs for Clearer Communication



We hear it all the time.

It’s the word we use to point out that there’s a distinction between youthfully carefree and, well, not-so-unencumbered.

The buzzword refers to establishing a career, making money, paying bills—in other words, …

Learn with Spanish Dictionaries for Kids: 7 Illustrated Volumes You’ll Love!


Have you ever been so excited by a book that you’ve felt blown right off your feet?

Or, if not completely off your feet, at least right out of your socks?

Don’t you just love when that happens?

There are …

The Top 7 Online Spanish Language Tutorials for Flexible but Focused Learning



You’ve just won seven golden tickets to Spanish fluency!

“Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” only has five, so we do them two better. And you won’t even have to worry about blowing up into a huge blueberry.…

Double Win: 6 Online Spanish Courses for Scoring College Credit at Home


Imagine being able to earn college credits on a flexible schedule from your own home while studying something that interests you.

No, it is not impossible.

You can really have it all!

Online college Spanish classes combine the flexibility of …

Where to Find the Best Conversation Dialogues with English Translations: 6 Chatty Resources


Most Spanish learners share a common goal.

No matter why you started learning or what type of Spanish you’re studying, you probably share it, too.

We all just want to keep up in a real Spanish conversation, with …

Starting’s Half the Battle: Learn Spanish for Beginners with These 9 Resources


On your marks, get set, go!

The starting shot has been fired but you freeze up.

You want to start, but you just do not know how!

I know. Learning a new language can be really daunting.

A language is …