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How to Introduce Yourself in Spanish: The Insider’s Guide

how to introduce yourself in spanish

“Hello, nice to meet you. My name is…”

“Hey, how’s it going? I’m…”

“What’s up, man? Call me…”

Let’s face it: first impressions matter.

As the above examples show, an introduction can determine the “flavor” of a new relationship. …

We Need to Talk: 150+ Beginner Expressions, Questions and Sentences to Master Spanish Conversation


You have a lot of things to say.

In Spanish.

But you’re just starting this language learning journey, and you don’t know how.

Or maybe you’re shy.

As a language learner myself, I’ve been there plenty of times, and it …

Uniquely Different: 11 Spanish Dialects Spoken Worldwide


What do you call that thing you drink water out of in public places?

Your answer might give away a great deal about where you live if you are residing in the US.

You might not think that a simple …

Learn Spanish: The Guide to Go from Absolute Beginner to Near-native Speaker

learn spanish

There are 572 million Spanish speakers worldwide.

This number is expected to grow to over 750 million by the year 2060.

There are 21 countries around the world where Spanish is the official language (or one of them).

What …

Spanish for Beginners: The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started in 9 Simple Steps


Starting to learn a language can seem like standing at the base of Mt. Everest and looking at the peak.

If you are a true beginner without any previous knowledge of the language, you might look up and think that …

Why Is It Important to Learn Spanish? 14 Ways Spanish Will Improve Your Life


Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world.

It is an official or national language in over 20 countries and the number of native Spanish speakers worldwide is a whopping 475 million!

In 2015, there were …

17 Ways to Learn Spanish as an Adult and Discover the Joys of Language Learning


They say children’s brains are like sponges and that they are much better than adults when it comes to language learning.

I have heard a million times that the younger you are when you start learning a language, the more …