22 of the Best, Most Awesome (and Affordable) Websites to Learn Spanish

Luckily, you don’t have to be rich to learn valuable Spanish skills. In fact, many of the best educational Spanish websites are actually budget-friendly or even free.

Spanish learning websites are the great equalizer when it comes to Spanish education. You can access them anytime, any place. 

Top websites to learn Spanish build as many valuable skills as expensive courses or private tutors. Even non-traditional websites get in on the act by providing you with exceptional Spanish language practice.

With these 22 budget-friendly websites, anyone can learn Spanish successfully.


Why You’ll Love These Budget-friendly Websites

First of all, of course, these websites are inexpensive. Not only does this mean they won’t hit your wallet too hard, it also means that you can easily try a bunch of them out to find your favorites. Once you’ve done that, these websites are affordable enough that you can mix-and-match for your ideal combination of learning experiences.

Additionally, these websites are varied, offering a wide array of content. That means no matter your learning style or proficiency level, there’s a website out there to accommodate your needs and goals. Whether you want some straightforward practice materials, engaging Spanish video content or access to native Spanish speakers, you’ll find all that and more.

Plus, many of these websites have mobile components so you can take your learning on the go. That means you’ll be able to boost your Spanish even if you have a busy schedule that keeps you running around all day.

¿Poco Dinero? No Problem! The 22 Best Budget-friendly Websites to Learn Spanish

For your convenience, these 21 budget-friendly resources are organized between three main categories: listening practice, general education and games and activities. All of these categories are valuable, so choosing a handful of resources from each category will help ensure you have a diverse and well rounded Spanish education (that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg!).

Websites for Authentic Spanish Listening Practice

Listening practice is essential for any language learner who hopes to one day understand and communicate with native speakers. These listening websites will help you improve your comprehension skills, often with authentic Spanish content.


LibriVox is a free website offered through the kindness of strangers. It provides a library of audiobooks read by volunteers.

Among these audiobooks are a nice selection of Spanish-language offerings. Browse by language to peruse over 300 different Spanish-language options that you can use to improve your listening skills. It’s an especially great option for getting accustomed to understanding a range of Spanish accents and speaking styles.


Lingus offers humorous free videos for beginning through advanced Spanish learners.

Each video is accompanied by printed dialogue and a translation to help you along, making this an approachable viewing option. You’ll also see the teaching goals for each video, which is very helpful for targeting your personal language weak points.

For example: “In this episode you will learn: how to describe your routine in Spanish, how to ask someone about his/her daily actions in Spanish, how to show interest in someone’s problems in Spanish.”


FluentU teaches you Spanish using authentic videos from native sources around the world. The videos include everything from movie trailers to DIY videos, and they are hand-picked to create an immersive Spanish learning experience.

Each FluentU video includes interactive captions—giving you access to any word’s definition and several example sentences. Plus, you can click a word to see how it’s used in other videos.

FluentU’s “Learn Mode” combines videos, pictures and example sentences into exercises and flashcards.

With FluentU, you pick what you learn and at what pace, so it’s appropriate for any level of Spanish learner. Additionally, FluentU’s algorithm takes into account learner history to ensure you’re presented with questions that are appropriate to your skill level.

Spanish Movies

If you want to chill and watch some great Spanish movies, the playlists from the Spanish Movies YouTube channel are good options.

Spanish Movies offers a mixture of short and feature-length films from Puerto Rico, Spain, Venezuela and Paraguay, so it’s a good choice if you’re looking to understand these regional variations of the Spanish language. You’ll also be boosting your knowledge of the culture and entertainment of the Spanish-speaking world, so you’ll have more to talk about with native speakers.


LyricsTraining is a free website that helps you improve your Spanish skills with music. But it’s more than just jamming out to fun tunes.

You select a great Spanish-language song and a difficulty level. Then, the song will play and you’ll be asked to fill in missing lyrics. This interactivity means you’ll be actively testing and growing your knowledge, rather than passively listening.


“Destinos” (“Destinations”) is a free TV series designed for beginning Spanish students. It follows a lawyer’s international travels as she aims to solve a mystery.

Each episode is accompanied by additional learning materials such as activities and vocabulary lists. It’s a great way to build your vocabulary, grammar and listening comprehension skills in the context of a compelling story—which can be much more effective than rote memorization.

Each episode is about 27 minutes long and there are 52 episodes, so there’s plenty of material to help beginning students launch their Spanish educations.

“Mi Vida Loca”

“Mi Vida Loca” (“My Crazy Life”) is another free series produced for beginning Spanish students. The 22-episode series is an interactive mystery set in Madrid. You actually play a role in the story and are asked to speak to different characters. Plus, each episode comes with a learning section with activities for you to complete.

There are also PDF transcripts of each episode to make it that much easier to follow.

General Education Spanish Websites

General education resources are helpful for learning the underlying rules of the Spanish language. If you need to master the foundations or just want a refresher, these websites have got your back.


Spanicity is a helpful free reference website. It offers vocabulary and phrase lists in addition to beginning through advanced lessons on Spanish grammar. If you’re just starting out or you’ll be visiting a Spanish-speaking area in the near future, try the Useful Phrases section for some important day-to-day language.

This combination of offerings makes Spanicity useful for any level of Spanish student, including anyone who’d formerly studied Spanish but is looking to reinforce his/her skills.

Polly Lingual

Polly Lingual offers beginner through advanced Spanish courses in addition to specific courses on grammar, travel, business and medicine. Lessons are grouped thematically, so it’s easy to pick and choose the topics that are most relevant to you. Plus, Polly Lingual also offers affordable tutoring with native Spanish speakers.

Access is free for some materials. Premium access requires a subscription, which costs $2.99 per month or $9.99 per year.


Loecsen offers a selection of free online language courses, including a Spanish language course. The Spanish course focuses mostly on basic words and phrases that you’re likely to encounter when traveling, making it a good option for anyone preparing for a trip abroad.

Better still, you can save the money you would’ve spent on another course for extra souvenirs!

Practical Spanish

Practical Spanish offers beginner through advanced Spanish lessons that focus on Latin American Spanish.

You’ll learn vocabulary and grammar rules ranging from beginning topics like possessive pronouns to intermediate topics like the subjunctive. The lessons provide written tutorials as well as audio to help you absorb native-speaker pronunciation.

Practical Spanish also offers e-books for purchase that come with recordings. There are options for beginner, intermediate and advanced learners.

Spanish Language Tutorial

It doesn’t get much more comprehensive than this digital Spanish tutorial from ielanguages. You’ll get a complete overview of grammar and vocabulary, along with two hours of audio recordings and lessons on regional variations.

You can get the book online but you can also download it in PDF form to take it with you on public transit, while you wait at the doctor or any other moment where you can squeeze in some Spanish studying. It’s like being in a Spanish class that follows your personal schedule.

You can stretch your dollar even further. For one thing, purchase of the “Spanish Language Tutorial” comes with free lifetime access to any updates that are made to the book. You can also check out ielanguages’ free content, which includes grammar, vocabulary and phrase lessons for beginner through intermediate students. Again, audio recordings help reinforce the lessons.


DuoLingo is a popular free option for learning Spanish. Duolingo uses a “skill tree” to introduce vocabulary and grammar rules through a series of entertaining quizzes, building to more advanced skills as you go.

You may already be familiar with the app, though its website platform and its online language forums are also helpful.


123TeachMe offers a selection of free Spanish learning materials. It’s a great resource for consistent Spanish practice that you can use every day, either for focused study or just to get in a few minutes of practice in your down time.

You’ll find self-study courses covering everything from basic survival Spanish to dental Spanish. There’s also a massive selection of verb conjugation charts, tests, quizzes, a word of the day, a phrase of the day and a verb of the day.

FSI Spanish Basic

The State Department created these learning materials to help employees learn Spanish. Now, you can use them for free!

There are 55 units with both text and audio to take you from complete beginner to conversationally proficient. It’s a very comprehensive, class-like learning experience. If you only want to target specific Spanish topics, this isn’t best because the course isn’t visibly organized by theme. However, if you benefit from structured, linear learning, this is a fantastic option.

Butterfly Spanish

Butterfly Spanish is a YouTube channel with lots of engaging learning videos for beginning through advanced students. The videos cover thematic vocabulary and useful grammar rules. You’ll also get to explore some less formal (but still crucial!) topics like talking about sports or words of love.

Whether you are looking to travel or become fully fluent in Spanish, Butterfly Spanish offers videos that’ll help.

Spanish with Paul

Spanish with Paul is a YouTube channel that offers mini Spanish courses, grammar lessons and common phrases. The videos are simple, featuring clear audio and plain text. This makes them relaxing and easy to follow.


Hellolingo is a free community of language learners. You can connect with other language learners to share resources/tips, or connect with a Spanish native speaker to practice your skills or ask vocabulary/grammar questions.

Since interactions with native speakers are crucial for achieving fluency, Hellolingo is quite useful for any level of Spanish student. All the benefits of authentic Spanish conversation, without a plane ticket!

Game and Activity Websites to Apply Your Skills

The games and activities found on these websites will let you test your skills in a fun environment.

PBS Kids

PBS Kids offers dozens of free Spanish-language games.

While these are geared toward children, they’re also useful for beginning Spanish students. The games will give you the opportunity to learn basic vocabulary while having fun. Especially if you’re a visual learner, the animations and familiar characters (who doesn’t love Curious George?) could help hold your attention more effectively than, say, vocabulary flashcards.

Spanish Games

With Spanish Games, you play games based on a set of thematic vocabulary words of your choice. Beginning through intermediate level vocabulary sets are available.

Once you’ve picked a theme, you select from seven to eight games that use that vocabulary set. With so many games using so many different word sets, the learning options seem nearly limitless.


Hello-World offers more than a dozen games and activities to practice your foundational Spanish skills. But that’s not all! As with Spanish Games, each game or activity also offers several different word sets to choose from, so you’ll have plenty of options for learning basic Spanish vocabulary.


You don’t have to be flush with cash to make yourself fluent in Spanish. Try these 22 budget-friendly websites and you’ll be rich in language skills!

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