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The Kindle Method of Studying Spanish in 4 Steps


The first book I read in Spanish was Che Guevara’s diary “Diarios de motocicleta: notas de viaje por América Latina” (The Motorcycle Diaries: Notes on a Latin American Journey).

I chose it because I thought it would be a fun

12 of the Best Websites to Learn Spanish for Absolute Mastery


How well-rounded is your Spanish language diet?

The best way to learn any language is with a healthy combination of online and offline learning.

This means mixing together websites, apps and Skype conversations with real-life immersion in the street and …

10 Websites to Practice Your Spanish Listening Skills


Get your Spanish listening practice en vivo!

En vivo, for the uninitiated, means “live.”

And as you’ll see—and hear!—if you use these news sites, listening to live sources to practice your Spanish skills can be even more rewarding than using …

Learning Spanish Through Immersion? 7 Words of Wisdom from a Seasoned Traveler


Immersion is the complete opposite of rote memorization.

It involves learning the word baño because you’re dying to find a bathroom, and the man behind the restaurant counter doesn’t understand your English or strange gestures.

It means remembering past