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8 Spanish Books to Whet a Beginner’s Reading Appetite

Two little kids reading book under blanket

Looking for a set of books that are approachable for beginners like you?

Or do you have a friend or a loved one who just started learning Spanish and you’re looking to send them something in order to show your …

11 Advanced Classes to Kick Your Spanish into the Stratosphere

advanced spanish classes

Hey, you’re no space cadet.

You’ve been lased-focused on learning Spanish like a boss.

Advanced Spanish certainly sounds daunting, though, doesn’t it?

It practically goes hand-in-hand with other dreaded class titles like Advanced Calculus, Advanced Fluid Dynamics and Advanced Nuclear …

Getting to Know You: 50 Important Spanish Phrases to Break Out for Small Talk

important Spanish phrases

Feel your heart pounding?

Palms cold and sweaty?

Butterflies in your stomach?

Chances are, you’re about to meet somebody for the first time.

And to make things worse, you don’t even speak his/her language.

Well, more accurately, you’re learning to

The 5 Huge Economic Benefits of Learning Spanish

benefits of learning spanish

Economically-minded language learners are always considering cost versus benefit.

Actually, pretty much all language learners wonder about this.

Especially when we get frustrated with the more challenging aspects of language learning.

In the middle of conjugating some pesky Spanish verbs

6 Best Sources for Learning Spanish Through News Videos

Spanish news videos

When it comes to learning Spanish, you’re holding the remote control.

You control which channel to watch.

Ever find yourself flipping along faster when you get to Spanish newscasts?

You’re thinking, “Ugh, this all sounds Greek to me.”

I mean, …

7 Intermediate Spanish Books That Will Take You to the Next Level

intermediate Spanish books

To read or not to read.

That is a silly question.

Books are like portable magic, Stephen King would say. And now that you’ve got another language to read in, you’re not gonna let that all go to waste …

5 Important Spanish Grammar Lessons Every Beginner Oughta Know

spanish grammar lessons


Buenos Días.

Buenas Noches.


Can you still remember when you learned your very first set of Spanish words?

You might have taken a class, listened to a podcast or downloaded an app, and it was exhilarating, right?…