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Level Up Your Spanish Skills: The 6 Best Video Games for Learning Spanish


Do your hands feel empty unless they’re holding a game controller?

Or maybe you’re just dying to try out the whole gaming scene but not sure where to start.

Either way, there’s an epic adventurer in you.

And we’ve …

How to Learn Spanish: Tried-and-true Courses and Study Hacks


They say “starting is the hardest part,” but I’m not so sure that’s true.

Take learning a new language.

Starting is often the most fun part.

Everything is new, you’re building your vocabulary left and right and the world …

6 Heavy-hitting Spanish Translators to Download for Daily Use


The scene: A swanky hotel gym in Madrid.

Later, you’ll be downing a gin tonic (they drop the “and” here!) at a trendy tapas bar on the Gran Vía, so sweating on the treadmill beforehand is a great option.

Suddenly, …

Kick It Old School: 10 CDs That’ll Teach You Spanish


How much time do you think you spend in a car every year?

Can’t be that much, right? To and from work… grocery shopping… a few weekend trips here and there…

You might not realize that the average American spends …

6 Fetching Sources for Spanish MOOCs Just for You


We know who your best friend is.

And we would never ask you to replace your furry companion.

But as a language learner, you’ll want to add MOOCs to your list of BFFs.  

MOOC is both a fun word, as …

Time for a Movie Break! 7 Awesome Movies to Stream in Spanish!


We need to relax.

That’s right.

We all lead ridiculously busy lives. Sometimes, too busy.

We could all do with a bit of down time—but make no mistake , “relaxing” means more than just putting our feet up and turning …

Spanish Typing Games: The End of Your Spanish Typing Woes


Fed up with your Spanish typing?

Never got around to installing a Spanish keyboard on your computer?

Never learned shortcuts for creating accent marks?

Still super slow at typing anything in Spanish because you don’t get any practice and …