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110 Common Spanish Words and Phrases to Supercharge Your Vocabulary

common spanish words

Are you meeting someone new?

Trying to locate your hotel or a restaurant in a Spanish city?

Nearly any Spanish conversation calls for an understanding of basic vocabulary.

No “fancy” language, involved terminology or four-syllable words are needed for …

It’s High Time You Mastered the Past Tense in Spanish with This Comprehensive Guide


Spanish past tenses.

Does just reading those three words have you in a state of near-panic?

Maybe you’ve heard that using the past tense in Spanish is one of the toughest grammar lessons to learn.

Well, it’s time to put

How to Introduce Yourself in Spanish: The Insider’s Guide

how to introduce yourself in spanish

“Hello, nice to meet you. My name is…”

“Hey, how’s it going? I’m…”

“What’s up, man? Call me…”

Let’s face it: first impressions matter.

As the above examples show, an introduction can determine the “flavor” of a new relationship. …

Shadowing Spanish: 3 Excellent Resources to Hone Pronunciation and Intonation



They have so many dark connotations. And even though they’re just areas of darkness that occur when a light source is blocked by a solid object, they still sometimes seem scary, don’t they? Creepy. Maybe even sinister.

But language 

The Essential Guide to Being Polite in Spanish


“Be polite!”

I heard that short sentence more times than I could count when I was a kid.

My mother was determined that I be a polite child who would hopefully grow into a polite adult. So she gave me …

Spanish Possessive Pronouns: Rules, Examples and Practice Resources



Remember when you were a kid and someone looked as if they were thinking of laying claim to your favorite toy, shiny seashell or half-eaten apple?

You responded, didn’t you?

You probably made it real clear that whatever you …

Back to Basics: Easy Spanish Words for Every Occasion


Maybe you’re planning a trip to an exotic destination.

Are the rainforests of Costa Rica calling? Or, is dinner in Madrid on your to-do list?

Or, you could be hoping to fall in love with someone from Spain—because, let’s …