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19 Spanish Prepositions of Place to Take Your Language Skills Above and Beyond


It sure feels like sometimes, “nada hay nuevo debajo del sol” (“there’s nothing new under the sun”).

Especially when you’re working on your language learning.

Every study session begins to feel the same.

Verbs and tenses start to blend together.…

How to Type Spanish Accents, no Matter What Device You Use


All things considered, Spanish is fairly easy to learn.

It’s a pretty straightforward language.

It sounds just like it looks. Remember “sounding words out” when you were learning to read English? That works for Spanish, too.

If you think …

What Similarities Are There Between Spanish and Italian? More Than You Think!


Do you speak Italian?

Are you considering learning a new language?

Then we have some exciting news: You can use your Italian skills to help you learn Spanish!

There are many similarities between Spanish and Italian, which means knowing one’ll …

Funnier Than the Original? Watch “The Simpsons” in Spanish to Learn the Language


“How do you translate someone like Homer Simpson?” — Humberto Vélez

If I mention Humberto Vélez, chances are you won’t know who I’m talking about.

If I say Homero, you still might not know.

But if I mention Homer Simpson—especially …

Panamanian Spanish 101: English-isms and Basic Panamanian Phrases


Be careful: If you ever visit Panama, you might be seriously tempted to stay there forever.

Don’t laugh. The expat community in Panama is huge and grows every year. It’s an incredible place!

The Panama Canal is an engineering marvel …

Start Learning Honduran Spanish with 6 Common Words and Phrases

honduran spanish

Cada vez que ríes, un clavo es removido de tu ataúd. (Every time you laugh, a nail is removed from your coffin.) — Honduran proverb

Laughter really is the best medicine, and travel can give us plenty of things to

Packing for Paraguay? 8 Paraguayan Slang Words for Mastering the Local Lingo

paraguay slang

Are you planning a trip to Paraguay?

Paraguay has been called the world’s happiest country, which is no surprise given the beauty of the place. One of the reasons cited is the country’s cultural tendency to focus on positive