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Café Craving? Here’s How to Order Coffee in Spanish


“¿Puede darme un café, por favor?”

“May I have a coffee, please?”

A simple request, right?

Think again.

When we walk into a coffee shop and order a jolt of joe, we have definite expectations concerning what we’re going …

Help Others and Learn Spanish: 5 Places to Volunteer in Latin America


Do you want to learn to speak Spanish?

And do you have a heart for positively impacting the world?

Then why not combine two passions? Learn the language while volunteering!

It’s a natural progression, really. Think about it: You’re in …

Start with These 5 Channels to Learn Spanish via YouTube


Learning and fun go hand in hand.

So you say you want to learn Spanish?

And have fun?

And let it be something you do daily—without it being a drag?

I like the way you think and I’ve …